On Morality


This Friday, while America unwittingly exposes its impressionable teens and unemployed grads to R-rated “comedies” from degenerates like the weed-smoking Seth Rogen and the inter-racial marrying Ryan Gosling, we in India will be treating ourselves and our kids to a wholesome sermon on family values. #winning

A word on Ryan Gosling. A hero should act heroic, what’s all this screaming like a girl stuff? A hero should be manly. Good that he’s finally grown a mustache, as next step he should grow some balls and lower his pitch.

A word on Seth Rogen. I don’t even know how he leaves his house in the morning. With that pot-belly and that Jewish face, I’d always be in hiding. But this shameless creature is perfectly happy running down the street topless. For evidence, look at the picture above. I blame his family for all of this. Had they done their job, he’d have been a shy and insecure and tongue-tied kid. In other words, he would’ve been an ideal kid. And today, he’d have been in IT or medicine, not making these dumb videos about rolling a joint and kissing other degenerates like James Franco. I spoke to his parents the other day. They were very disappointed in their son, heartbroken. They don’t even go to their local synagogue anymore, their son has embarrassed them into social isolation. His parents worked hard to provide him with opportunities they themselves never had, and what did he do?

Instead of learning maths, he was sitting at school and writing movie scripts about a kid who’s obsessed with drawing dicks. Oh siva siva, why did you have to give boys dicks? It’s the dick that leads boys away from the book and the family.

In contrast, look at our very own moral shining star Mahesh Babu. He makes movies brimming with morality and sincerity and purity. It’s almost as if he has no dick (to lead him astray). Oh lord, if you ever deem me worthy of the blessing of having a son, please give me a son with no dick like Mahesh Babu.

Thanks in advance. Your no.1 fan.




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