Tony gives birth to a catholic rabbit; hijinks ensue

age-of-ultron-movie-poster-faIf you like to have fun, or as Thor puts it, take part in revels, go watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t strain yourself trying to understand the plot, that’s counter-productive. To illustrate, I myself didn’t get one bit about Paul Bettany’s character except that he has one of the 6 infinity gems stuck to his head- and I enjoyed the movie just fine.

The twins, the enhanced, the fast and the weird one, have Russian accents that are so endearing. When they first appear, Hawkeye’s the only one who has a measure of them while the rest of the superheroes play hapless victims to their trickery. Hawkeye ftw! (What? Don’t look at me like that. I like Jeremy Renner for his off-screen crude sense of humor. Why am I explaining myself? I don’t need to explain myself.). Hawkeye, eventually, takes the two under his wing (no pun intended, John Deere) and melts our hearts.

Hulk continues to be a poor co-actor, at least in scenes that call for restraint and dialogue. He simply doesn’t have the patience to let the opposite character say his/her thing. Poor manners, I say. Speaking of poor, Scar Jo. She is given the job of flirting with Hulk/Bruce Banner and what does she do? She fails miserably. (I am speaking acting-wise.)

Captain America’s shield gets used as a frisbee much more than I remember it ever being used as, even Ultron feels compelled to comment on it. Linda Cardellini, meanwhile, has developed superpowers of her own, the ability to crash into mega-successful ventures. Mad Men, anybody?

From what I could make out, Ultron has anger/daddy issues. The trigger word/daddy being Tony Stark. “I am nothing like you,” spits Ultron. “But you’re my creation and all creations are reflections of their creator,” deadpans Stark. “Do you mean to stay God is a lowly being like man? That man’s despicable qualities take after God?,” asks Ultron. They proceed to discuss theology for the next 30 mins or so. Even the post-credits scene is of them debating scriptures. I kid, I kid. The closest the movie comes to theology is through Nick Fury when he compares something to “breeding like a catholic rabbit.” I snorted the longest for that line.

In addition to snorting at funny lines, I was also suitably moved when a character made a sacrifice. That’s the mark of a successful movie right there.

Of course, there’s the usual comic-book grandstanding about evacuating humans, saving each and every one of them, but hey, it’s a comic-book movie. You can’t eat the cake and have it too.

Favorite ironic shot has to be that of Bruce Banner staring like an idiot after coming out of the container while the Scarlet Witch turns her eyes on him.

2D over 3D is old news, but rings especially true for this one.


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