Djokovic and the evolution of the status message

Day Thirteen: The Championships - Wimbledon 2014

“Unlike someone from yesterday, Djokovic doesn’t look pretty in defeat.” That was the first draft following the first set and suffice it to say, that draft underwent plenty of revisions as the match went on.

Once Djokovic won the next two sets and went up a break in the 4th set, things started to look a lot more rosy and the draft had morphed into “Few sights on a tennis court as pretty as Genie Bouchard; Djokovic winning is certainly one of them.”

Then Federer reeled off 5 games in a row to take the match to a 5th set and all the doubts and disappointments of the past 18 months came tumbling out. Despair was the color of the sky and there was no further place for Bouchard. She was only going to distract from the despondency which had now established itself as the motif of the evening.

The draft now said, “I can at least rationalize South Africa, the reasons aren’t too deep below the surface, I scratch a little and out they come. But Nole, I just don’t get. The closest I can get to explaining his losses is in the future I become the leader of the humans in a fight against the robots and the robots have sent him back in time to break my spirit. And damn isn’t their plan working. I am broken :(”

But then, he somehow won. I had to chuck the sad face but still address the trauma he put us through. “Djokovic, YOU FUCKING BASTARD”, seemed to sum it up very well.

As for fans of Federer, I hope you appreciate how much Djokovic needed that win. After 3 grandslam final defeats in a row and 5 in the last 6, a defeat yesterday forged in that style of events would have quite simply been devastating. It would have been Djokovic’s own Red Wedding. Yes, a win for Roger would have been nice but think of it this way: who would you rather save in a fire? A newborn or a man who’s seen it all?

The two men themselves summed up the match perfectly in their interviews-

Federer said, “Can’t believe I made it to 5. Wasn’t looking good there for a while.”

Djokovic said, “Thank you for letting me win today.”

It wouldn’t be fair to leave you without a pic of Bouchard after all that talk about her.



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