Worth the hullabaloo


If you don’t head to the best theater nearest to you and watch Gravity, you might as well burn it down.

Better films may yet come out this year but none of them will be able to more forcefully pull off that “you must watch it in a theater, you must” exhortation.

If you think you can just as well watch it on blu-ray or on your latest OLED or HD3DLED screen or whatever 80′ monster you just bought- congratulations, you are rich; but you are also an idiot.

And if after watching the movie, you wish to lecture us about the scientific inaccuracies that are so much in abundance and hence “ruined the movie for you”, please don’t. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the person who knows much more about physics and space than you, has already pointed out the errors and not in such a manner as to ruin the fun for others, which you obviously don’t have the tact for.

If you want to complain about the script and how everything that can go wrong conveniently goes wrong, I hear you. But then, no one said this movie’s going to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay. And if you want to complain about the emotional manipulation, I went along and I enjoyed it all the more 😛

James Cameron called Gravity the best space movie ever made, and you know what James Cameron’s films are about.

If the movie is to be straitjacketed into a single genre, that would be ‘Horror’.

Finally, three cheers for Dolby Atmos and the theaters that have it.


3 thoughts on “Worth the hullabaloo

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