Everyone gets a suit!


It feels quite pointless to write about a movie like Iron Man because irrespective of what is said, you’re going to go. Writing by way of promoting a lesser known film which runs the risk of completely going under the radar is the most fulfilling kind of movie-writing.

Speaking of fulfillment, Iron Man 3 is a movie designed to fulfill your early summer blockbuster yearnings. I am not here to pass snobby comments on the quality of your yearnings but let’s put it out there. Iron Man 3, as a way of continuation from Avengers, subjects Robert Downey Jr. to a series of panic attacks and nightmares, on the oft chance that he can buy some sleep, ostensibly arising from the previously alien led climax in New York. He also happens to spend a lot of time out of his suit and even engages in plenty of combat without the protection of his cocoon. But Iron Man without the armor is Sherlock Holmes, and then there’s Don Cheadle playing the role of Watson, and then there are the docks and the containers which were also prominent in Moriarty’s designs.

There are plenty of money shots in this one, and one promoter even went on to suggest there are more money shots here than in the Avengers. That’s like whoa!, right? Avengers had multiple super-heroes and gods and demons and aliens, but what does Iron Man 3 have to merit all those money shots? Suits! Tony Stark has never had a wardrobe as extensive (“everyone needs to have a hobby”) and he brings his suits into play, big time.

Rebecca Hall is a presence I was excited on knowing about at the time of casting but had forgotten since. Fun fact about her role is Jessica Chastain had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts and they made do with borrowing Chastain’s character’s name (Maya) from Zero Dark Thirty 😛 One thing I especially liked is how trailers were used to propagate a myth about a character 😉 Trailers that mislead but don’t cheat are the trailers that help a movie and Iron Man 3’s publicity team did marvelously well in that regard. That whole sub-plot has to be Shane Black’s biggest signature.

Bottom line: The set-pieces are impressive even with the 3D glasses. Disney won’t make a better crowd-pleaser this year.

Most Disney moment: The kid being rewarded for his help.

Least Disney moment: The usage of the term ‘pussy’.

Fun trivia: Mandarin supports Liverpool FC.






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