Alternate Oscars 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, your host- Bob the Builder.


With the obligatory joke about Ben Affleck’s facial hair out of the way, let’s promptly move on to the awards…

Best Supporting Actor. And the Oscar goes to….. Leonardo DiCaprio! Pardon me, he wasn’t even nominated. Sorry, Leo. The Oscar goes to Leo’s co-star Christoph Waltz, or as Zach Galfianakis likes to call him, Christoph Break-Dance (Django Unchained).

Best Animated feature. No real standouts this year. Brave was meh, Wreck-It-Ralph was fun until it moved to Candyland, very much like Django Unchained, Paranorman was funny and had the voices of Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The Oscar goes to Paranorman.


Best Song: This one’s easy. The Oscar goes to Adele! (Skyfall)


Best Original Screenplay: Mark Boal beat him the last time. Mark Boal won’t beat him this time. The Oscar goes to the man who puts words in Christoph Waltz’s mouth, it’s Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained)!


Best Adapted Screenplay. Even though we’d have liked to snub it all across the board, we couldn’t bring ourselves to be so cruel. The Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Chris Terrio (Argo).


Best Supporting Actress. “I dreamed a dream of time gone by, when competition was high and Anne Hathaway was pretty.” We can’t help it, there’s no depth. Only real competition comes from Sally Field and we’d be out of our minds to give her the award. So Anne Hathaway it is (Les Miserables).


Best Cinematography: Fuck you Life of Pi. The Oscar goes to Roger Deakins (Skyfall).


skyfall3  skyfall4skyfall5skyfall6


Best Visual Effects. Fuck you Life of Pi. We’re snubbing you. The Oscar goes to The Dark Knight Rises!


I think they deserve it for making Anne Hathaway look pretty too 😛


Christian Bale enjoyed the joke. Anne Hathaway didn’t.


Okay, moving on. Being sneered at already. Best Film Editing. And the Oscar goes to Cloud Atlas. Yup, this one’s come out of no where and we’re doing it to garner some attention. Anyway, give it up for Cloud Atlas!

Best Foreign film. The only interesting thing about Michael Haneke and his films is his parody twitter account.* So obviously, we aren’t going to award “Amour”. We would have honored Oslo, 31st August but it wasn’t submitted by Norway, so the Oscar goes to Rust and Bone!


Best Actor. Sit back down Daniel Day Lewis. We acknowledge your awesomeness and your abundant chameleon qualities, but this year we’re sorry to inform you and excited to declare “The Best Actor Oscar goes to Joaquin Phoenix (The Master).”


Best Actress. Jennifer Lawrence? lol She’d have had a chance if the award was for ‘best tushy dancer’ but it isn’t, is it?



The Oscar for Best Actress goes to none other than Jessica Chastain! (Zero Dark Thirty)
tumblr_mi6g9faZHX1r0rjx9o1_250    tumblr_mi6g9faZHX1r0rjx9o2_250

Best Director. The Oscar goes to…I don’t even think it necessary to spell it out, everyone knows who deserves it, Kathryn Bigelow! (Zero Dark Thirty)


Best Picture. The Oscar goes to…you guessed it, it’s a hat-trick to round out the night, Zero Dark Thirty!



10 thoughts on “Alternate Oscars 2013

  1. Fuck you for fucking life of PI 😀 .. Its cinematography was just out of this world. Though dark knight rises comes close to it in Visual effects the ship wreck scene in Life of PI beats the ground collapse scene in DKR hands down.. Also, Katheryn Bigelow ( OMG, hurt locker ) sucks 😛 Zero Dark thirty was not great either.. If Jessica Chastain deserved award for anything, it was for best sound effects due to her vociferous rants through out the movie.. Jennifer Lawrence did much more in Silver lining playbook than shake her ass ( which btw is sexy )..

    PS : Anne Hathaway is always sexy.. With or without hair.. Anything said on contrary is just maverick trying to be whimsical 😛

    1. Life of Pi’s cinematography was a handiwork of editing on a computer, Skyfall’s, on the other hand, was more natural and field-work. TDKR’s was just an honorable mention, I agree 😛 Lastly, ZDT is ‘great’ enough to have been awarded the Best Picture Oscar for 2012 😉

  2. Interesting take and loved the gifs. But, I don’t get the love for ZDT. I could never watch it again. Silver Linings Playbook – I could. And JLaw is so much more than a tushi shaker ! Although I did not have any favorites for Best Supporting Actress, am glad Anne won. Les Miserable was a tedious movie though. Was so glad Ang Lee won.

    1. Since it was all but decided that my beloved Jessica Chastain would be losing to her, I had to cut Jennifer Lawrence down someway or the other, hence the tushi-shaker 😛 For what it’s worth, ZDT happens to be the most critically acclaimed movie of the lot. My love, as it should be, bears a more co-incidental rather than a causal relation with that.

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