The Bourne Legacy; A few impressions


*Wasn’t really looking forward to this movie, ever since the ‘rotten’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s quite good. Sure, there’s no Matt Damon and there’s not as much action as in the previous movies but they did try to make up for Damon’s absence by bringing in Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton, and the lack of action part was dealt with by replacing John Powell’s score.

*The movie gives a 101 introduction to drones. Now you know what all those drone strikes being sanctioned by the Obama administration feel like for those on the ground, and you also get an insight as to how the drones are operated from a remote base.

*There’s a massacre. One where a co-employee goes on a shooting rampage and finally turns the gun upon himself. Welcome to the world explored by movies dedicated to shooting tragedies.

*The benefit of having an actress who can act. Usually, it so happens that directors are willing to cast lesser actors in the female parts of action movies. This movie bucks the trend and Rachel Weisz is a delight.

*Edward Norton. Enough said.

*The guy who chases them in Manila, doesn’t he remind one of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 1? He just keeps coming back.

*If the movie reminds one of Terminator 1 in the closing stages, it reminds one of a Keanu Reeves- Rachel Weisz movie called “Chain Reaction” in the 1st half. Something about killing everyone involved, and all that.

*The name ‘Bourne’ is an albatross around the movie’s neck. Without the presence of Matt Damon, without the score of John Powell, and without the involvement of Paul Greengrass, it was always going to be case of “pigs flying” for it to reach the earlier heights. In fact, the only legacy the earlier movies leave to this are the need to liquidate all the current assets due to the antics of Jason Bourne. They could have quite easily contorted some other reason to liquidate the assets and completely divorced it from the Bourne universe. But hey, why pass up box-office bait?




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