Djoker vs Batman; An exercise in idiocy, or is it?

WWE relies on the age old method of ‘distraction’ to fuel rivalry between two actors. Conversely, what rivals do is distract one another and condemn themselves to embarrassing ‘defeats’. How this works is, while one of them is engaged against a lesser opponent and is on the verge of an expected victory, the designated rival makes an entrance and distracts the fancied actor from finishing off his opponent. The two rivals then commence the act of exchanging menacing looks and while they’re at it, the previously beaten-to-pulp underdog comes up from behind, pins the more fancied opponent, and pulls off  “the greatest shock victory of all time.” More fuel is added to the flame, and the underdog goes home with a surprising win.

When I look at Djoker and when I look at his successive grandslam defeats at the French Open and at the Wimbledon, I can’t help but wonder if Batman has got something to do with it. Is it the case that the bat symbol comes up in the sky every time the Djoker readies himself to play a vital point?

Well, here’s some evidence.

Batman Begins came out in 2005. In other words, the era of Batman began in 2005. Naturally, when a superhero arrives his nemesis also arrives and the Djoker duly made his grandslam debut in 2005. (There’s no Djoker without the Batman, duh.)

Ever since he broke out onto the scene in 2005, the Djoker was kept under control and Batman saw no reason to make a reappearance. Gotham was secure after all. But then, out of the blue, Djoker won his first grandslam in January, 2008. The alarm bells went off at the Wayne Manor, and Batman immediately made an appearance in the form of The Dark Knight (July, 2008). (Batman, incidentally has the strongest grip on the Djoker at the French Open and the Wimbledon due to the proximity between the release date and the tournament schedules). With the batman to be dealt with, the Djoker was very much distracted and understandably, he couldn’t win either at the French or at the Wimbledon following his alarming triumph at the Australian. In fact, at the 2008 Wimbledon (where the Batman’s force was the strongest) the Djoker was so distracted that he crashed out in the 2nd round. His earliest grandslam exit since 2006!

The consequences of The Dark Knight were most severe. The Djoker was so badly spent having dealt with the Batman that he didn’t win another grandslam for 3 years! To recap, he won in Jan 2008, the Dark Knight promotion kicked in, and he couldn’t recover till Jan, 2011.

The Batman, however, cut his enemy some slack this time around and didn’t make a prompt appearance as he had done in 2008. He waited. He felt a single title after a gap of 3 years was nothing the city of Gotham couldn’t recover from. He felt the city had grown more resilient and there was yet time for himself to make an appearance.

With the Batman thus contended, and with no distractions befalling the Djoker, he went on to take 3 of the next 4 grandslams. With the 3 being on the trot, the Djoker was on the cusp of something majorly sinister and the Batman just couldn’t risk watching from the sidelines anymore. Out he came, bigger and more powerful than ever in the form of The Dark Knight Rises. The result: the Djoker could neither complete his milestone at the French nor stay focused at the Wimbledon. It now remains to be seen what sort of Djoker emerges after July 2012. It took 3 years in the aftermath of the onslaught of The Dark Knight, but with the Batman definitely hanging up his boots  this time, the Djoker might not need that long to re-establish himself as a threat.



Djoker and Batman debut in 2005.

Djoker has his first major triumph in 2008 (Aus Open). Batman promptly reappears(Dark Knight July, 2008) and puts the menace to an end.

Djoker takes 3 years to recover. Batman becomes complacent. He doesn’t react this time when the Djoker picks up a grandslam. The Djoker, taking advantage of Batman’s inaction, reels of 3 in a row.

A panicked Batman jumps in to distract the Djoker with his biggest marketing push ever. To be on the safe side and to make himself more prominent, he even announces this will be his final appearance. The desperate ploy bears fruit. Djoker fails at both French and Wimbledon.


Dr Hyde- So all you Federer fans screaming from the rooftops, pipe down a bit. And if you think this is idiotic, why is it that companies rely on analytics?


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