Euro’s here and so am I with my bundle of wishes and idealistic predictions


Things I’d like to see happen at Euro- Spain winning their 3rd major tournament in a row, as unlikely as it sounds. England succeeding to some extent employing the Greek method, Bendtner scoring in at least two games and helping Denmark not finish bottom of their group, Russia living up to their dark horses tag.

Things I’d not like to see happen at Euro- England succeeding with their large Liverpool contingent and their Greek methods (yes, I’m that ambivalent when it comes to England), Holland winning the tournament, Italy winning the tournament and thanking the corruption scandal for inspiring them. It has happened two times too many already.

Winners I’ll be content with: Spain, Germany, England, France, Russia, Denmark.

Winners I’ll be disappointed with: Holland, Italy, England.

(I’m really setting myself up nicely for being derided at when Holland go on to win the tournament on the first of July, aren’t I?)

Possible scenarios: I’m really not excited by the possibility of England coming up against Spain in the Quarters, nor am I excited about the prospect of Torres being the lone striker up front for Spain either. One thing I’d have really really loved was a Lampard goal knocking the Germans out, but alas! Fat Frank’s injured and the chances of the two sides meeting at all are really minuscule.

Let me go out on a limb and come up with the Quarters predictions. Will be interesting to see how many times the scenarios change as the tournament actually happens.

As it stands, I’ve no freaking idea about what’s going to happen in Groups A and B. At best, Russia will win group A, and Holland and Germany will come out of group B but I’m completely at loss when it comes to picking the 2nd team to qualify from group A (even after counting out the Czechs) and the order in which Holland and Germany will come out of in group B.

Groups C and D appear a little more straightforward if you refuse to look closely and just go with the big names. Spain and Italy, France and England. Spain vs England, and France vs Italy.

More fanboy exuberance after the first round of matches end. See you then.


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