Talking Movies: MI4 Ghost Protocol

Following the Kremlin bombing, tensions between USA and Russia have reached levels not seen since the Cuban missile crisis. It is in this backdrop, that our villain, an aficionado of nuclear war, steals the code to Russian nukes. His plan is to trigger off a full blown nuclear war with the aid of a single strike on American soil. However, in order to launch a Ruski nuclear warhead, he needs a Soviet satellite which is currently in the possession of an Indian billionaire playboy (Anil Kapoor). He comes to India, and duly launches the missile. Our hero (Tom Cruise) and his gang (Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg) now have to race against the clock to stop the already launched missile from wreaking havoc on the city of Seattle. After a fight with the villain, Tom Cruise gets the dreaded Red Button within his grasp but it won’t work unless his team restore power back at the satellite control centre (Sun Network offices). Will they be able to do it in time?

Before the whole circus heads into India, there’s the opening scene in Hungary where the codes fall into the hands of the bad guys, a scene in Moscow where the Kremlin is bombed, a scene in Dubai where the codes go from the hands of the bad guy to the hands of THE bad guy. All this while, there are cool gadgets at work such as a projector which does a neat illusion job, an eye lens which acts as a scanner. These cool gadgets are brought to you by the self-absorbed funny man Simon Pegg. If Pegg is the man sitting behind a desk, Tom is the man dangling out of a window of the world’s tallest building, Jeremy is a man playing with levitation, Paula is a woman seducing Anil Kapoor in order to gain control of the satellite, Tom is also the man running against a backdrop of a sandstorm, Jeremy is also a man tired of playing with levitation, Paula is also a woman not so adept at seducing. (This actually leads Jeremy to mouth the best dialogue of the movie “Next time, I’ll seduce the rich guy”.)

By this time you must have got the drill. The gadgets are cool, the action sequences are okay, but what about the things in between? How do you feel when the characters sit down and talk about the plot? How do you feel when they narrate stories from their past? Do you feel bored and an urge to skip, like when you do while playing a video game and the story line narration comes up? Or even worse, are you reminded of a porn skit where the “plot” exists just because it’s the norm?

That scene with the suitcase in the parking lot, is Brad Bird paying a homage to his alma mater (Pixar’s Monsters Inc.)? Michael Giacchino. What about him? Wouldn’t the movie have felt much better had the soundtrack been more Bourne-esque than opera-esque?

What about the cast? Anil Kapoor makes for a convincing fool, that much is clear.

So, will you regret watching this movie? No, you should watch it for the gadgets and the IMAX shots. Should you go in with high hopes? No, the sum of the parts is lesser than the parts.

(What is it with this string of Q and A’s? I don’t know. Am unable to stop).

Word of the movie: Disavowed.

Rating of the movie: 3/5


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