A Cricket Drama: An exercise in cliches

They were in the direst of situations. They were staring down an impossibly bleak barrel. They were struck a hammer blow even before the series got underway when their Captain suffered a broken finger and was subsequently ruled out. To make matters worse, they had gone down meekly in the only other match of the series and they were up against it in this one as well. Set a target of 148, they were down in the dumps after 15 overs when they slumped to an embarrassing 87/7. To make matters worse and victory further elusive, they had no batsman of any sort of minimal repute standing.

The two men at the crease had career aggregates of 14 and 1 respectively. It was not as if they were young-and-upcoming-domestically-promising batsmen making their early forays into the international arena either. These two were bowlers, simple folk who run up to the crease, say a prayer and let go of the ball hoping it would be spared.

Funny things happen though.


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