French Open Wrap


Novak I-can-do-nothing-wrong Djokovic would’ve become the world no.1 if

a) He reached the final.

b) Even if he didn’t reach the final, Nadal didn’t win the final.

Then Roger came along. Not only does he play like a mad man to beat Djokovic, he also crumbles and chokes on a sea of unenforced errors in the final. Is the sight of Nadal standing across the net that crippling to the Great man? Can Nadal beat the Great man even if he decides to play on a wheel-chair?

Federer’s Soderling is Nadal’s Federer.#RolandGarros

Was Roger sent from the future solely to stop the Djoker from becoming the no.1 player?  He surely played like that was his mission.

Roger’s douchery aside, guess who showed up for both the Men’s and Women’s final? Marat “Dapper” Safin!

Lastly, did you know that Marat holds the record for the most grand slam appearances(14) between the first and second titles? Djokovic reached the no.2 spot on that list after winning the Australian open(12).




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