The Year In Movies

Some of the choices may seem random and 1 glaring omission may stand out.

Favorite 2010 Hollywood dishes:

Social Network : You know what’s cool? Placing this movie on top of the year-end list.

Shutter Island : Just so you know, there’s a dream within a dream even in this one and the way it ends is totally wicked! In stark contrast to the gimmicky cheap-ass ending of the other one.

Toy Story 3 : For me, 2 was an improvement on 1 and 3 was an improvement on 2. Fact that I gave 10 to the first one, had me handicapped for the other two.

Kick-Ass : This was the movie I gave most hype to, ever. Gave a bit to Social Network as well, but Social Network didn’t become my twitter background for a good part of 6 months. The thing about this movie is it gets better when the bad guys are being ruthless, and Hit Girl! Unrestrained violence in all its glory.

The Kids Are All Right : Love how Mark Ruffalo thinks he can just come in and steal the whole family away from Annette Benning. Lots of scenes to shed tears over.

Exit Through The Gift Shop : There was this one particular moment which made me love this movie. This one particular moment came after I had finished watching the movie. This one particular moment was when I found out it was all a parody.

The Other Guys : Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Departed’, Fucking Awesome right!? He’s at it again and this time the movie’s a comedy too. So you can actually laugh out loud and not risk disturbing the serious Scorsese fans. The scene with Eva Mendes, ROFLCOPTER.

A few foreign imports, for that exotic touch:

Un Prophete : Some websites had the audacity to claim way back in February that this movie will be the best of the year. Was that prophecy spot on or what! Chances are you’ll dig it all the more if you like the good gangster movies of RGV. French.

Kynodontas : This movie shows how much effect an environment has on the shaping of an individual and how easy it is to con, provided you do it right from birth. Outstanding and slightly disturbing portrayal of how the things we take for granted can be seriously manipulated quite effortlessly in a controlled environment. (If you ask me, I’d say the feeling of ‘patriotism’ in our societies is one such implantation through propaganda in a man’s mind) Greek.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird : This one’s just a silly action oriental western. Not half as silly as Shaolin Soccer, but you get the idea. Total fun, total action. Korean(?)

Movies which stood a good chance of making it, if only I got to watch’em:

True Grit : Pity how the Coens always end up in this section. Last year, it was ‘A Serious Man’, this time it’s Matt Damon cracking the hell out of everyone.

King’s Speech : Colin Firth’s last year effort ‘A Single Man’ was beautifully shot and brilliant. This one’s been making a whole lot of positive noise too.

127 Hours : Not a big fan of either Danny Boyle or his overly rated Slumdog but.. who wouldn’t like James Franco, and who wouldn’t like a desperate trapped mountaineer chopping off his own hand to set himself free in a mainstream movie?

Blue Valentine : Was originally rated NC-17 and promises to be depressing.

The Fighter : Mark Wahlberg’s here too but he’s gonna have to take the back stage. Christian Bale FTW!

Jackass 3D : Watching Jackass 1 and Jackass 2, there are a few scenes where you are convinced Johnny Knoxville is the MAN! I regret not getting to watch this one on 3D. (3D was made for movies such as these)

Flipped : Don’t know zilch about this one. Been making a few year-end lists. Should be worth checking out, no?

Lastly, a few other mentions: The Town, The American, Easy A, She’s Out Of My League, Youth in Revolt, Scott Pilgrim.

In case, you are still wondering about the glaring omission, NO, it’s not Black Swan, it’s the other one.

Last year’s corresponding list can be found here.


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