Oh God! another Brazilian supporter

Every time a world cup comes around, Brazil invariably becomes the team with most backers. Sure they won the WC the maximum number of times, sure they are the only team to win a WC outside their continent, sure they have the most wins and the most goals in the history of the WC,  still I find this blind faith put in them a bit irksome and largely envious.

An average Brazilian supporter won’t even know which club Luis Fabiano plays for. At best, they might get the names of Kaka and Robinho. But then what kind of seasons are these supposed two superstars coming off? Even Ronaldo’s shadow shone brighter than Kaka at Madrid, and Robinho was unceremoniously dumped midway through the season at Man City. Compare that with the squad of England where, the player who came in as a replacement and subsequently proved to be a better player than Robinho, Adam Johnson couldn’t even make the final cut. Add to that the mighty impressive seasons of Lampard and Rooney, and shouldn’t you be supporting England?

But an average supporter who ‘doesn’t know which club Luis Fabiano plays for’ can be excused for not knowing the superiority of the English squad (on paper based on club-level performances) as well. For reasons, at best described pathetic, I don’t want Brazil to win the WC because it would then vindicate all this blind faith. (However, I’ve got nothing against their squad. They’ve got multiple players from Mourinho’s establishment, Elano from Man City, Kaka formerly from AC Milan.., overall pretty like-able actually.)

*Before you get your panties in a bunch, the supporters taken into reckoning are ill-informed Indians only.


3 thoughts on “Oh God! another Brazilian supporter

  1. Coming from one such Brazilian supporter as you have described. In my (and other such supporters’) defense. None such ppl are real footie fans but the fact is, during the WC, which as you know is the biggest event in the world and which overwhelms everyone. Everyone needs a team to support and who better than the 5 time champions. Although I started supporting them impressed by Ronaldo in 2002 WC and since then Selecao have been my home team 😀

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