The game the English played

Captain wonder Stevie-G, not to be confused with Stevie Wonder

“Don’t discount Clint Dempsey (and English goalkeepers)” was what I almost tweeted in reply to someone saying “USA won’t get a goal tonight”. The ill-timed internet connection bust saw to it that I’ve got nothing but my word to show for my lucky strike now.

Before the match began, I was okay with Dempsey spoiling the English party (after all he’s been my Facebook face for the past 2 months). However, the goal was such that it gives me no solace whatsoever. All I see now is a humbling draw for England (and an egg on John Oliver‘s face), not a WC goal for Dempsey. If I were Capello, I wouldn’t bring in David James as a replacement for Robert Green. You see Green’s got his gaffe out-of-the-way, James is still due for one. Of course, I’d be thrilled to bits if the wonder kid Joe Hart is preferred instead, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

A draw against USA is by no stretch a disaster but the team performance was such that I’ve already lost all my hope on the present team achieving something big. Joe Cole as a winger, Carrick as someone to add dodged presence to the midfield and Crouch making effective guest appearances FTW! ?

Like them or hate them, one thing you can’t deny them is admitting that the nights they play on are the most emotional, the most dramatic. The deeper the English go into the WC, the better the WC will get (just like Indians and cricket). Last night felt like one of those nights when the English go out on penalties. Now that it’s out-of-the-way and little damage has been done, let’s hope they (miraculously) go all the way to the final and get beaten by Xabi Alonso’s Spain.

*Phrases used twice: ‘out-of-the-way’ and ‘such that’.

**The above statement wasn’t published by mistake.


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