The Sorry Tail

Can a team win a match with just 6 batsmen? Delhi decided to try it out and failed. They could quite easily have won it if their no.7 knew how to make contact with the ball. Karthik did well to resuscitate the sagging run-chase left in the lurch after AB ran out Warner and then missed a full toss to get bowled. AB took his sweet time to get in and would have fancied finishing the match off but heck, it’s been that sort of a series for him.

With Warner and AB at the crease, runs were coming at a decent clip even if there weren’t many boundaries hit. They converted ones into two and twos into threes with elan. With harried running of this sort, the usual chance of a run-out did present itself and crucially for DC, it was a dolly which even RP couldn’t botch. Once Henriques came in and hit a couple of boundaries, it looked like the guy was living up to his potential and DD would do too. However, Symonds got one to hold on to the pitch and in the end, it was just a false dawn.

Nagar at no.7 was quite pitiful but Karthik, at the other end, was simply brilliant. He kept the runs flowing and when 20 were required from the last 2, DD looked a better bet. Once again, it was Symonds who turned the match on its head with some sharp reflexes to get rid off Karthik. No Delhi-ite had any hope to cling to when Karthik left and what followed simply vindicated that feeling.

Earlier, the unblemished hero of the Daredevils- Nannes turned in a lackluster performance and Karthik a befuddling performance as he kept chopping and changing the bowlers. No team gained a distinct upper hand until the partnership between Rohit Sharma and Suman, which put DC slightly ahead. 172 to chase was always going to be tricky with just 6 wickets in hand and sadly for the Daredevils that’s how it turned out. Three defeats in a row now.

Looking ahead: RCB is a team on roll and if form is anything to go by, DD’s got its task cut out. Mishra should surely be allowed to complete his full quota of overs and the tail shouldn’t be half as long. The most important thing of course would be to make RCB bat first.


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