Crash and Burn

What a depressing day of cricket that was. No, I’m not speaking on behalf of the Daredevils’ fans alone, I’m speaking on behalf of all IPL fans, bar Mumbai’s. The fearful talent and the limitless potential displayed by Mumbai was so immense that for a moment I thought I was going to be blinded by their sheer ruthlessness (Kung-fu Panda). It would be a major miracle indeed if the Mumbai Indians don’t go on to top the table at the end of the league stage.

All wasn’t so ‘doom and gloom’ at the beginning of the match though. Sure Nannes started with an uncharacteristic wide down the leg side, sure Gambhir hobbled off, sure Sachin hit a few, but everything was so bright and sunny when Nagar held on. Catches like that change the course of an innings, right? Catches like that don’t deserve to be outshone by a stumping by the opposition’s keeper in the very same match, but such was Mumbai’s dominance.

Mumbai’s audacity was such that they didn’t even bother sending in Pollard till the 19th over. Every over featured a six and every bowler went for more than 40 (apart from you-know-who). Having chased meager totals of 140 in the previous two games, a chase of 219 was a novel entity.

Probability of Gambhir’s involvement looked minimal but, a team boasting the likes of Sehwag, Dilshan, AB and Karthik should be able to make a match of it, thought the hopeful home crowd. However, nothing of that sort conspired as nothing fanciful lasted long and the match was decided before long.

In all fairness, I can’t really complain about Delhi’s performance since they were comprehensively outplayed by a better team. If anything, Gambhir should take a look at the pitch before choosing to field and AB should put that cut shot of his in a locker. On a positive note, at least the weight of the favorites tag will now move on to Mumbai.


4 thoughts on “Crash and Burn

  1. Rahul,

    you might notice that I am the MI fan at Interblogatic Battle, and have given you a link on the MI fan perspective at All Padded Up.

    one good turn deserves another?

    1. I need to change the theme to link other blogs. This theme has no sidebars or anything.

      Sure you deserve it 🙂 So will see to it

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