‘Up’ can go up Mr.Fox’s cuss



Things I would like to see happen at the Oscars/ Nominations not made:

1) (Best Director) Kathryn Bigelow pipping her ex. Not that ‘The Hurt Locker’ blew me away, it’s just that those two are supposedly the only real contenders. Otherwise, QT anyday! (btw, How did the Coens not get nominated? Hmm… Wes Anderson too)

2) Fantastic Mr.Fox getting the nod for the best animated feature. I’d love watching ‘Up’ lose out in this category more than Avatar losing out on the big one. Those talking dogs and all, it’s all so corny. ‘Up’ is my third preferred movie in the group and that too because I haven’t watched the other two 😛

3) There are TEN slots but still they couldn’t reserve one for any of Star Trek, (500) Days of Summer. Not to mention the popular ‘Hangover’, Moon, Funny People. Expecting a Judd Apatow movie to get nominated is a bit too much but still ‘The Blind Side’? Come On!

Once again, how did ‘Up’ sneak in here? FANTASTIC MR.FOX was there if they wanted an animated entry for the sake of diversity. On a positive side, I completely appreciate the inclusion of the eccentric ‘A Serious Man’. Coens for the all-time shock, anyone?

4) (Best actor) Sam Rockwell and the guy from ‘A Serious Man’, where are they?

5) (Original Score) No doubting that Fantastic Mr.Fox’s Alexandre Desplat is my pick. ‘Where the wild things are’ would have been a decent nomination. Clint Mansell, meanwhile, can take solace from last year’s exclusion of The Dark Knight’s score.

The MTV movie awards is supposed to decorate the popular yet silly, there was a time the Oscars didn’t compete with that. Sigh!


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