Yankee doodle doo

For the benefit of those who haven’t watched ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, this is how global warming works. The temperatures of the northern hemisphere are maintained due to some ocean drift which carries heat from the equator. Now due to global warming and the consequent melting of polar caps, the saline levels, which affect the drift, fall down. The result being no more ocean drifts to carry the heat from the equator and excessively severe cold conditions.

Precisely what’s been happening in England over the past month. Premier league matches are getting postponed and millions of fantasy team managers are being left rueful. The re-scheduling of matches only goes to add to the burden of the players and therefore, the real managers too are not the least bit pleased by this.

In such a scenario, who can come to the rescue? , who can challenge the mighty forces of nature? , who can ensure no more postponement of matches? (Arsene Wenger tried to be that man. He suggested throwing the safety of the crowds out of the window and carrying on.)

The one with the real solution is not a man but a team (or maybe a man behind a team). Liverpool! Yes, that’s right. Liverpool FC is our saviour. With performances like that against Reading, they are reducing every boy in Merseyside to tears. How does that help? Tears have high levels of salt and all those tears after flowing into the ocean will help bring the saline levels back to normal.

No more snow storms and no more ice hazards. Cry! little boys cry. With Gerrard, Torres and even Benayoun out injured, the tears can only get bigger and the world safer.


5 thoughts on “Yankee doodle doo

  1. after reading the post i couldn’t restrain myself from posting a comment… best sarcasm i have read in a long time!!!

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