3 Idiots (spoilers inc.)

Deep in its heart, 3 Idiots is like Fight Club. The difference being the targeted audience of course. (Job-going-money-earners vs the pre-college cum pre-graduation crowd). There was the fair share of ‘Indianisation’ designed to appease the larger audience but the director can’t be blamed for that. The melodrama was forced upon the poor guy. If anything, one must sympathise with him for playing it safe, not scoff at him.

The comedy is top notch. Even the customary melodramatic scenes are sprinkled with quirky humour. The sensitive bunch might object but dismissing troubles by depicting them in ’50s style is how movies ought to be. Of all the numerous good jokes, I felt one was unintentional and thereby misplaced. (The emotionally charged scene where Kareena says bhaiya wanted to be a great writer but all that he wrote was his suicide letter)

Usually when a movie is based upon previous source material, the reviews I write cater extensively to comparisons. 3 Idiots does skim the plot of five point someone but the two of their hearts don’t belong in the same place. For instance, the book doesn’t touch upon people acting like drones and going about their lives having no interests and all.

With melodrama come predictable scenarios. Cases in point: Baby responding to all izz well, Aamir being the scientist, Lobo hanging from the ceiling. (Everyone sees it but still they do it). If you have seen enough movies, you will be able to guess the next scene based on the way the preceding scenes build up to it. (Lobo’s date with his ceiling fan becomes apparent when they decide to take a peek through the window)

The other thing with ‘Indianisation’ is they don’t let go until they drill the Hero’s virtues in. They didn’t need to prove Aamir’s ingenuity by making him build a baby delivering vacuum! We got it when he built that pee-shock-spoon itself. Once again, we can’t blame the film-makers for going over the top, the masses need a hero worth worshipping.

Towards the end, the melodrama almost overawes the good work done but doesn’t quite ruin the movie. I’m going to give this movie 3.5 out of 5 (you can as well think it as out of four as I won’t give any greater than four unless they fall in the highly narrow biased genre I favour)

Lastly, why do they bother to ‘smooch’ by keeping their lips sealed as tight as that. A simple bear-hug looks more sensual.

(Agar mein MTv Ticker hota, tho bolta-> Steal question papers from your professors only when they are on the cusp of becoming grandparents.)

3.5/5 **(for those who skipped reading)


6 thoughts on “3 Idiots (spoilers inc.)

  1. arctic monkey saw a desi movie :O and yeah the movie is much better than the book. The book tells about life of 3 students while the movie shows how they change the system. As for the interview scene, was totally impressed. Wish I could speak like that :P. Haven’t yet seen avatar yet, but “3-idiots” is the best cinema i had seen this year :).

    1. you must have liked the interview because the answers were so unlike what you suggest us guys to say, totally frank 😛 (no offence)

  2. none taken :P. from what i had read and heard for people like us to be placed a set of rhetoric words is the key to unlock the HR rounds. but why bother, HR round is still a far of place for people like me 😀

  3. Reading this post was like reading a movie review by some preofessional movie critic.Why can’t you start making career out of these writings(atleast part time):P
    Hoping reviews for some telugu movies in future 🙂

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