Marat Safin Farewell

By: rahul

Nov 11 2009

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Whom are young teenage girls gonna swoon over now?

Who’s going to inspire them to take up tennis?

Will females ever watch tennis again?

Is there anything left at all in tennis?


10 comments on “Marat Safin Farewell”

  1. yeah :: rahul , an ans for all ur ques…

    by the way who is marat safin 😀 ( now dnt tell to google :P)

  2. The flattery leaves me wordless (well, that and them being rubbish).

  3. Its gonna be SSS SSS SSS

    SSS-Smart stylish and sexy

  4. Tennis is gonna be so so boring now… 😦
    who is going to make a fuss about the price of Pasta at wimbledon now?? who is going to keep losing matches to qualifiers and also rans and yet make Roger Federer work up a sweat now?? who is going to play a ridiculously bad shot and curse himself in over 4 languages now?? 😦

  5. I was 100% expecting this post from you :). You have a man-crush on him kya? I agree he was delicious to look at and what a character. Loved his post match conferences. IMO he and Federer played the best tennis match I’ve ever seen at the AO. He will be sorely missed.

    • Yup, how can one not have a crush on him (man or otherwise). As for my blog getting so transparent, I’ve mixed feelings on that

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