Oi Obnoxious weed, teri maa ki


I am so angry at Bhajji right now that I am writing this offline on Notepad. It’s 1:45 a.m and it’s been about 15 mins since Bhajji robbed Dravid of an innings that would have re-defined the way ignorant Desi fans looked at him. Any keen cricket observer will know, that Dravid is India’s one of the most efficient batsman in the last 10 overs, and what good chance India had even after Pathan’s dismissal.

The fact that there were 4 overs of powerplay remaining adds to the anguish. Of course all this would have been not coming hadn’t Raina played that gem of an innings. After that onslaught on Malik, all that was required was 100 from 16 overs with 6 wickets in hand! Even the Indian team of the ‘90s would have fancied that.  Ok Raina went soon after, but still 5 wickets should be plenty in this era when teams boast of batsmen like Johnson coming down at no. 8

When was the last time Yusuf Pathan dug India out of a hole with his batting? India desperately needs a more reliable batsman at no.7. Bhajji at no.8 is ok but the remaining 3 are once again hopeless. Compare us with Pakistan who have Rana Naved and Umar Gul, RSA who have Van der merwe and Steyn, Australia who have Hauritz and Lee, New Zealand who have Mills, and even England who have got the likes of Broad and Swann coming in at after no.8. RP Singh and Ishant Sharma making contact with the ball is an occasion to celebrate for us on the other hand. With the unreliable Yusuf at no.7, India can ill-afford to not have either a Praveen Kumar or a Irfan Pathan to come in later.

If India fail to make it through to the next round, then all blame squarely lies on Bhajji. Not to mention his bowling which was uncharacteristically short and wide and provided Malik with the dolliest of jobs to cut behind square for a four every single over. Still, 300 was chaseable and the way Gambhir was going about it no one missed either Sachin or Sehwag. The way he gave up on getting back to his crease even though there was time, smacks of his time spent with Sehwag 😛

Meanwhile, Delhi Daredevils seem to be on fire everywhere in the tournament. Shoaib Malik, Gautam Gambhir, Nehra, Dilshan, Collingwood and AB have stood out already!

p.s:- Originally written (as already stated) immediately after India vs Pakistan. South Africa weren’t eliminated by then. They will be dealt with in due time in another post. So please don’t unleash your horses on the Proteas as yet.

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5 thoughts on “Oi Obnoxious weed, teri maa ki

  1. Dravid is India’s one of the most efficient batsman in the last 10 overs
    Rahul Dravid knew the task was beyond him. He could have easily let Harbhajan get out by refusing to go for the third run.
    If you require some example of Dravid’s ineffectiveness in final overs, here it is:

    Would you believe that India had lost that match, at one stage requiring 22 runs off 22 balls with Dravid and Sehwag at the crease ? Dravid scored 49 off 81 staying until the end. 8 runs were required off the last over. He gives the strike to the bowler playing at the other end by taking a single. Zero Boundaries in his innings. That was when I lost my respect for his capabilities as an ODI batsman.

    This art was perfected into a technique by Sourav Ganguly who used to carry on till the end pushing around the ball until he senses the target is beyond his scoring ability. He then heaves one in his characteristic style stepping down the track, as if trying to accelerate, and gets out. By that time he would have scored 60 or 70 (off some 120 deliveries) so nobody can blame him. Dhoni seems to have fit seamlessly into the role of Sourav nowadays.

  2. How can you bring up a stat of over 8 years ago and state your case? Where were you the past 8 years?? While you were busy sleeping, Dravid was busy improving 🙂

    Anyway, a single bad performance can’t ruin a player. Klusener too failed miserably in the 2002 champions trophy semi. Does that mean he too is ineffective towards the end? haha

    FYI, throw was at Dravid’s end and Bhajji sold him a dummy.

    As for Ganguly, India would quite often also lose the plot after he was dismissed(look up the 3-3 drawn series with England). You can’t attribute a player’s low strike rate for his team losing. Maybe others around him were going strong and the asking rate was under control at that time. Stats alone don’t tell the story.

    p.s:- How can you be so ungrateful towards the best Indian captains? (not speaking about Dravid here)

    1. Dravid could have continued running towards the other end. Harbhajan sure won’t mind sacrificing his wicket for Dravid’s sake.

      Sure, Dravid managed some of the most memorable victories India had had in the last decade. Most of them involved playing an anchor role while some other player had taken the role of aggression. I was objecting to what I thought was an ‘over glorification’ of slogging ability of Dravid by you.

      BTW It was not 8 from 6. I think it was 8 from 4. 12 were required in the last over. I should have written “in the last over” not “off the last over”.

  3. Dravid can manage a strike rate of 200 in the last 10 overs, no problem. Are you saying you lost all hope of India winning the match when Dravid was still there? You need to be a bit more optimistic.

    I don’t think I “over-glorified”, I trust and have a belief in the man. (Just like I believe in Van Der Merwe’s batting 😛 )

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