Blunt Gameweek look back-3


Bolton scored not once, but twice! Bodes well for their future (or does it ? ). To hell with Liverpool’s zonal marking. How many more goals from set-pieces will it take before Rafa starts reconsidering?(Just like all the climate mishaps are blamed on global warming, all Liverpool’s defensive lapses will be blamed on zonal marking). Riera was back in the starting line-up, Babel wasn’t even on the bench, good tidings.

Arsenal were a big let down. They played as if they were intimidated. Denilson and Diaby stood out in that regard. Diaby’s performance was unpardonable. The own goal was only the proverbial cherry on the top. He disgraced himself pretty thoroughly even before that. Manchester United were no better. Their victory deserved no celebration.

Of all the teams, who would have thunk Man City will be the ones eking out narrow 1-0 wins. Arsenal up next. Good luck with the clean sheet Shay Given.

Ballack and Chelsea continue to roll. Even their weakest link Petr Cech managed a clean sheet. There was no La Liga telecast :|, Robben and Ribery wreaked havoc and AC Milan have become a joke.

Holy Macaroni! why did I drop him from my fantasy team player of the gameweek: Leighton Baines

Oh yeah, prediction went horribly wrong.


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