Premier League Talk-2

Take That, United
Take That, United

Gameweek 3’s over and Liverpool look hell bent to make a big deal about Xabi’s departure. Last rumors I heard, they were looking at bringing in one of Van der Vaart/ Arjen Robben. Those are the kind of noises I like to hear from Merseyside even though I’m no longer a reverent fan of Liverpool.

Tottenham was left out of the last post’s predictions. The way they’ve started, it would be good for BPL if they actually went on to replace Liverpool from the top four this season.

Bolton’s band of brothers rarely create chances, which means they surely can’t afford to be so wasteful. I would hate to see them get relegated. I would hate it more than seeing Arsenal fall by the wayside.

It’s real funny to see Liverpool players talk all serious about winning the league this season. That Bendtner hating bigot Paul Masefield may be beguiled by Gerrard’s words but that’s because he’s an idiot. (He had smartly predicted the Spurs to come out on top prior the Gerrard reel, but he went back).Thank God he isn’t a cricket pundit. Otherwise, he would endorse the English hallucination of having what it takes to be the number one.

I’m thinking Bendtner will score the winner in the Arsenal-Manchester United clash this weekend. Oh no, I see Bolton take on “mighty” Liverpool prior to that. Guess the band of brothers will have to wait one more week to get off the mark.

BTW, why isn’t Albert Riera playing?

Is it only a co-incidence that both the images have been of Arsenal player’s ? Yup.

Hurray! La Liga from this week-end. ESPN-STAR better telecast Real Madrid’s match.

This post has come out a bit too early in the week, feels like a Friday post.


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