Premier League: Take-1


The greatest British export since the railways, the Premier League kicked off this past weekend. For a league which saw big names leave rather than arrive, it was a decent start. Johnson didn’t need to win a penalty and Vermaelen didn’t need to score to show that they are the best new recruits for the “big 4”.

Chelsea were touted as favorites after their opening week’s display last season (You would do well to remember that their down-slide began after Xabi’s deflected goal condemned them to a long time coming home defeat). This season they were labeled as favorites even before they played their opening game. That was either due to Ronaldo’s departure or simply due to Manchester United winning  the past couple of seasons. Drogba scored twice but still managed to turn in a mediocre performance, Anelka is never the one to look awe-inspiring and Cech continues to look dodgy. Playing Ballack instead of Mikel would appease the fans of the German Captain and also inject the team with more fieriness.

Liverpool will most likely be fighting it out for the fourth position and Rafa will most likely be fired. At least, that’s the way they played against Tottenham. With no Alonso to dictate the play, they have resorted to playing like Bolton by dumping the ball up field and thereby by-passing the midfield. Lucas is as good as absent and Carragher plays like he’s the team’s only central defender.Once the ball reaches Babel the move is all but finished. Riera’s return might rectify Babel but how well can a team play with only 10 players? At the back, zonal marking continues to raise concerns.

Arsenal… no matter how many goals they score, they won’t be looked at as serious contenders. It’s intriguing how they manage to hold on to players like Fabregas, Van Persie and attract players like Arshavin, in the first place. It would be lovely to see them slugging it out with Chelsea and Man Utd towards the end of the season.

Manchester United will most probably continue to grind out results and occasionally sparkle. No way they are not going to get close to defending their title. Berbatov’s running a lot more and Evra’s going to be the biggest nuisance for the opposition’s defenders.

Manchester City will not win as long as they play Bellamy. Bellamy’s presence makes a team look like it belongs to the mid-table. Shaun Wright Phillips is, without a doubt, their best player. They would do well to notice that and develop their own local talent instead of going for an assortment of goodies. (The last para is, quite simply, not logical)

Oh dear lord!, why wasn’t he in my fantasy team player of the week-> Cesc Fabregas

p.s:- Hope Arsenal kick Celtic’s ass tonight.


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