Star Trek!


There are movies which you can say are good by just looking at a single shot. You believe there’s no way a man capable of creating that sort of magic in a single shot can fall short of his own self-created high standards in the same movie. As with everything, there are exceptions here too, like “Children of Men” for instance.

Star Trek is one of those movies which promises big right from the beginning. I liked the movie after watching the first 15 minutes itself, it was so obvious it was gonna be a great entertainer. The movie delivers plenty of action and wholesome at that too. The dialogues are well composed, well delivered and are often humorous.

The movie also goes to show that filling a ship with comedians is a fun way forward. The funny guys range right from capt. Kirk to the communications guy with the heavy Russian accent to the jumbling English Simon Pegg to the sword wielding Harold. Sylar looks at home playing the logic driven Spock and pulls off the role with elan. Going into the movie, the only knowledge I had about Star Trek was from the vague references in TBBT and Heroes. Looking back now, I believe this franchise can be the Star Wars of our generation.

The concept of time travel has always been an elusive and hard-to-like art and even though this movie does rely on it, it goes along without leaving a single trace of annoyance. Bring on the sequels please!


p.s:-Lack of promotion and a lag of more than two months has resulted in the movie playing to half full theaters. Kick Harry in the balls and move on people.


3 thoughts on “Star Trek!

  1. I am feeling pathetic for wasting my money on Harry and not watching this one 😦 Your review catapults this one to must-watch .. waiting for it’s DVD release

  2. hairy-(p)otter sucks. This star trek was good, but some of the previous star trek flicks were even more awesome. I think Zachary Quinto was awesome as Spock. He is the best Vulcan since Leonard Nimoy. Totally worth the Rs.100 I paid for it.

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