The Hangover Review


There were apparently four genuinely good movies this summer- Star Trek, Up, Drag Me To hell, The Hangover. Being stuck in a city which has a long tradition for opening its arms only to commercially viable movies, who would have thunk that an R-rated comedy with no big name attached would be released.

Anyway, the movie is “a fun comedy set in Las Vegas about three groomsmen who lose their soon-to-be married friend and then try to find him again”. En-route they come across a baby, a tiger, a stripper, a Chinese gang, a Mike Tyson and, amidst all this they uncover a lot of laughter. The scene involving the baby at the table has to be one of the most funniest moments in cinematic history. That scene alone would compensate for your ticket’s money.

The cast is perfect, the director doesn’t try to interfere and the laughs are plenty. The movie doesn’t try to create an impact or effect the audience and that’s how comedy movies should be. They shouldn’t be like some of the Indian ones where they squeeze in some sentiment towards the end, just for the sake of having a story. One should be willing to let the movie go in its flow and this is where Hangover succeeds.

There’s no way you are not going to enjoy the film. At worst, you might find it to be a bit shallow and a bit short. If anything, the Chinese guys were a bit of a let down when compared to the other aspects of the movie and Heather Graham hardly got to do anything.  To conclude (what I barely started), this is the kind of movie you watch in a theater, you buy a DVD and then play it every time you feel like watching something fun.

p.s:- Those who watch “Supernatural” might recognize their favorite bartender.

p.s 2:- Quoted AB de Villiers


3 thoughts on “The Hangover Review

  1. one of the good things about supernatural is, they bring in a new lady to guest star almost each time. On one such occasion the lady who plays the bride here was the bartender there.

  2. Yeah, watched this movie yesterday night, loved it !! 😀
    the police car and the baby’s scene was also good… the movie progressed like the way a plane takes off, slow at first, then aligning itself in proper direction, then within few seconds, hyper speed … ;D

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