Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen (a timid look-back)


What do I say? It doesn’t inspire the reviewer in me, this movie. Machines take on machines and you sit there either naively sucked in to the mayhem or smartly apathetic to the green screen action. With a budget of 200mn $ there’s the usual fizz and predictable razzle-dazzle. But overall, it’s needlessly too long.

The reviews this movie has attracted have been most amusing.

Here’s a candid beginner, “Only an a*****e could have made this film”. ” Put in your earplugs and grab the aspirin. Enjoyable for the only the easiest to please 10-year-old boys; this deafening, tiresome epic is a skull-splitting hot mess for everyone else”. “I saw Revenge of the Fallen at Imax, which is probably why I managed to stay awake in what for me was the world’s most boring movie”. (These aren’t the better ones, I just couldn’t be bothered for searching for the best).

Except for the ones which say “it’s good if you leave your mind behind”, almost each of the reviews is fun to read. No point in copying them all though.

Forgive me for the sacrilege I’m going to commit oh pious people. Amidst all that rumble-jumble, I spotted some minute drawbacks in the goddess. Her upper lip and nose are a bit underwhelming especially when looked at sideways. Time for another surgery maybe?. She’s her opulent best apart from that, needless to say.

About the movie, I won’t even bother to comment on it except that it really begins to disintegrate around the time John Turturro comes on. Worst moments of the movie-> bot heaven,  the decepticon with a walking stick, bot history and many more. Labeouf’s acting was the usual goody-good and the scanty few scenes shot in IMAX were eye-candy.


6 thoughts on “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen (a timid look-back)

  1. Worst movie ever …. havent watched much movies as bad .. boring and senseless as this one in a long … long time

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