Terminator Salvation (movie review)


The reviews were negative and continue to be negative but who cares. It’s our beloved Terminator and it stars everyone’s favourite Batman Christian Bale. The only reasons I fathom for the general dissatisfaction are the overall brownish-white barren hue of the movie and the bots, which no longer look like Schwarzenegger for one thing.

These skinless bots thump thump and thump and are painstakingly clumsy. They are supposed to be technically superior but they are no longer as agile. Maybe all their agility came with the human skin. Their continuous plonking, if replaced by nimbler means would surely have pleased a lot more people. Would T-2 and T-1 be as effective and awesome without Robert Patrick and Arnold dressed bots? Just imagine how lesser those movies would have been if clumsy slow moving bots were in instead.

Christian Bale’s physique doesn’t go back but his face surely has gone back to the days of the Machinist in the movie. Maybe McG and Bale saw some link between Machinist and machines. (Spot the bad joke)

So, with Bale not looking his best, who steals the thunder? Sam Worthington does. His presence was so fitting.  He would surely have been an ideal successor to Arnold. The best human presence in the movie without a doubt. Christian Bale was outshone by not one but two, or maybe even three, people in the Dark Knight and here he is outshone once again.

The action sequences were quite good especially the one involving Sam Worthington, Kyle Reese and those crazy bikes. The movie, as others have been saying, is “deficient when it comes to the script and is more like a video game” but, trust me when I say there have been movies lot worse than this.

In brief, the movie would have been better received if a few minor changes were made to the ambiance and if Bale charmed a bit instead of scowl through out. A better script and James Cameron would also have helped but those wouldn’t be minor changes.

Towards the end when CGI Arnold made a brief appearance, the wave of relief which went through the crowd was quite remarkable. That summed up how tired people were of skinless bots.

Lessons to be learnt:-

1) No matter the post apocalyptic setting, depicting life in such barren visual detail ain’t fulfilling.

2) Skin-less bots are a strict no-no. The lady from T-3 would also have done better.

3) A radiant Bale would do no harm.

Should you watch this movie? Watching it in a theatre would surely be more rewarding than watching it on a laptop or desktop or whatever.

Next Up:- Noisy bots and hot bod, this afternoon.


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