A look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine


The hero gets tricked into doing something he’s disinclined to, he finds out, he goes after the villain. There you have it, that’s the movie.

To begin with, the movie got some unwanted negative hype with the leakage of its work-print. Hugh tried to allay the bad talk by saying a work-print “is like a Ferrari without a paint job” especially when it involves special effects (yet to be properly furnished). Notwithstanding all that, the movie opened with the biggest opening thus far this summer. (However, being the bad movie, that it is, it did have some weak legs and eventually ended up with an amount only double of that gained in the opening week-end)

Coming to the movie, the first half was decent but the second half was terrible. It was obvious that the director himself had no clue as to how to end the movie. The reviews in the newspapers were full of praise for Hugh, but I thought he didn’t even get to fight the best fight. The reviews also said, the movie delivers what it sets out to. Bah, Shoot ’em Up does that, not this.

It was nice to see the drug addict from LOST and also Ryan Reynolds’ entertaining cameo. Will.i.am, no one knows WTF he was up to. Gambit was all flash, no flesh underneath. Sabretooth was much better than the one in the X-men trilogy. Wolverine could have done much more, starting with a few punch lines.

IMDB-> Surprisingly high 6.8, closer to a 5 I would say for not utilising the awesomeness of Wolverine the Cartoon character.

RT-> 5.1 at 37%

Next Up-> A look at Nic Cage


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