Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian reviewed


In the past too, movies have depicted all sorts of things coming to life be it Toy story, Chuck, Small Soldiers, those countless zombie movies or the first take on “Night at the Museum” itself. So, with novelty out of the window, this movie had to deliver a lot more than just a wide assortment of life-size collectibles roaming around, in order to make the grade. The problem is it doesn’t.

There’s no plot, but that is acceptable for a PG movie. There’s no fun, now that is a completely unacceptable trait for a PG movie to have. The usually reliable funny man Ben Stiller is reduced to a kind of a whiner who keeps giving or keeps getting trite moral lectures most of the time.

Hank Azaria’s mumble-jumble might be the only good thing about the movie, in addition to perhaps Amy Adams (but then who goes to a kids’ movie to catch glimpses of the lead actress 😀 ). There are, of course, new museum characters but none of them is memorable as such. You bluntly realise the movie’s no good when Amy Adams thanks Ben Stiller for “an experience of a life time”. That line instantaneously makes you wonder where you were while they were experiencing that.

It’s not boring but it’s not fun either. It simply fails to bring anything new to the table. Best to watch on DVD when there are no alternatives.

p.s:- Every Movie Has Its Moments.

Borrowed Details:-

IMDB-> 6.1 (I gave it a generous 6)

RT-> 5.2 at 44%

Next Up:- X-Men Origins : Wolverine


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