How India has already had its Revenge

The Valiant Bunch of Fools
The Valiant Bunch of Fools

I asked India for a favour but they made Bravo spit on my face. Disgruntled with the Indians, I made my way across the town to the English dressing room and entreated them to win at least one of their remaining two games.

What do you know, they promptly sounded the death knell for the Indians’ campaign and fast tracked the Proteas progress to the semis. (Didn’t want the proteas fate to be decided by the mood swings of the Indians at any cost, especially since what happened the last time around)

Mickey Arthur went on record the next day saying they were disappointed for being robbed off the chance to return India the favour. Very funny Mickey, here I was thinking you would be shivering at the sight of RP and co for what they did previously.

Having resurrected their own campaign, I was once again hopeful of the English knocking out the Windies. But alas, rain and D/L put those hopes to rest. The English were valiant but they were also foolish. They knew that rain was only a matter of time and D/L would certainly come into the picture. So why bat first for Christ’s sake?

They did that because of the way they were able to defend against the Indians. The Indians, therefore, have already taken their revenge for their defeat.

p.s:- Should I do that over-by-over blogging thing for tonight’s match? I personally liked it even though it ruins some part of the joys of the leisureliness involved in watching a match.


2 thoughts on “How India has already had its Revenge

  1. Let me ‘prove’ that Dhoni is responsible for the debacle of the Indian team:

    In the ipl semi-final match against RCB, he scored a pathetic 30 ball 28 WITH ZERO BOUNDARIES that too batting during the overs (7 – 17.2), failing to build on the good start given by Hayden and Parthiv.

    Next, in the opening match against Bangladesh, he nearly got the team defeated. He played 21 deliveries and managed a SINGLE BOUNDARY. Had Yuvraj gotten out early in that match, India would have limped to 150 and Bangladesh would have pulled of yet another upset.

    Come to the match agianst windies. I can’t believe he is such a loser. Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly or even Sunny Gavaskar could have managed better. A pathetic 23 ball 11. Again NO BOUNDARIES.

    To top those all, he batted against England like a lower order bowler who knows nothing other than to nudge and take a single. Lucky bastard managed to edge two deliveries which explains 2 of his 3 boundaries. And the last boundary was hit when it mattered the least (when we needed 8 of the last delivery).

    The bastard goes on to say the losses of the team were due to the “collective bad performance” of the team. Fuck you, dishonest bastard. I would say India LOST BECAUSE OF DHONI. period.

    Dhoni doesn’t have a wide range of cricketing shots, and many of his UGLY, clown-like shots can only be managed on lifeless sub-continent pitches. Dinesh Karthik is a “muchh bettter” option. He’s got class in his batting.

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