Simply winning won’t do

ROFL(left), the brightest Protean star
ROFL(left), the brightest Protean star

Watching RSA go about their batting is making me feel suicidal. All the while they are at it, I am holding my head with my hands cursing them for being so naive. I wish someone would tell them Smith and Kallis form a terrible T20 opening pair.

Watching Gibbs struggle and the lack of opportunity for AB coupled with the ever sulking JP only add to my worries. I pray someone or something  keep me away from the TV the next time they come out to bat.

Watching them crawling to a win, by the same margin as they did against NZ the last time around only to eventually be knocked out by NRR, doesn’t help too. Incidentally, even this time they face India in the last match before the semis. I desperately hope they confirm their position in the semis much before they take the field against the Indians.

The first step towards that would be India beating WI comprehensively today. Guess I will support the Indians with my full heart tonight. Cheers!

p.s:- Their performances remind me of that of the Germans in the 2002 WC when they reached the final courtesy their rock solid defence(read goalkeeping by Oliver Kahn) and occasional goals from Ballack. The defence being the bowling here of course. Predictably, Kahn couldn’t do it single handedly in the final (Ballack was suspended BTW). This similar fate will befall the Proteas and prevent them from winning the cup unless they change their attitude towards batting.


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