Rohit Rocks!



"I hate overpaid Bangladeshis but Irfan's a good friend"
"I hate overpaid Bangladeshis but Irfan's not one of them"





Can Kolkata embarrass themselves any further? Can the KKR think tank find any more unsuitable bowlers to bowl the crucial over? Can their former captain play any slower? Can they manage to go through a complete innings without holding on to a catch?

Of course they can, but who can bludgeon 26 off the last over when only 21 are required and Who can the very next day pull off another miracle if not for his team mates (who failed to score 4 from 3) and Who can take 6 wickets in 10 balls?

Maybe Yuvi can but he didn’t, Rohit did and thereby joined the league of Bevan, Cairns, Boucher, Klusener, Miandad to name a few.

 The funny thing about Yuvraj’s hat-tricks is they barely seem to have an affect in the long run. They lost the match against RcB and they could have very easily lost to DC had Pathan conceded 4 in 4. BTW, what was Yuvi thinking when he decided to bring Wilkin Mota on?

Sachin too made some brainless decisions in the company of Pollock and plotted his team’s demise through out the tournament. Time to fire Polly once and for all. He should have never been made accountable for anything in the first place after the 2003 WC D/L reading disaster.


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