Taylor’s unprecedented IPL Pyrotechnics


If ever there was a team whom Kolkata could beat, it had to be RCB and how true it would have been had it not been for Ross Taylor. 

Midway through the mindless amble, that RcB’s innings was, it was quite evident they needed a humongous miracle to notch up a win and that was exactly what Ross provided- Miraculous batting studded with humongous sixes. The innings of the tourney by a long long way

To begin with, dropping VD Merwe and bringing in Ryder was a big mistake. If they had to bring in Ryder they should have dropped Kallis. One just can’t have two liabilities in a single team. Neither can maintain an economy under 8 and neither can convert ones into twos. The maximum Kallis can offer, while batting, are a few pleasing on the eye boundaries, before he duly hits one in the air on the offside. Ryder can maintain a higher strike rate than Kallis but he can’t guarantee you those few boundaries in every innings ala Kallis. So the next time that dickhead Ray Jennings decides to bring in a fatso for another fatso, VD Merwe better not be the latter fatso for his team’s sake. His bowling has been excellent by Bengaluru’s standards. If Kumble doesn’t give him his fully deserved full quota, then whose fault is that ?

Take a bow ROSCOE, we all knew how talented you were and how it was just a matter of time. Hope that darn management will know that too after today. Looking ahead, if there’s to be any hope of making the semis, PK needs to be back.

Looking back, had David Hussey managed that easy runout of Ross (when he was on nought), he would neither have won the match for his team nor would he have played any further part in the tourney nor would the unaware become aware of Ross’ amazing talent. What a difference a minute occurence can make in the grand scheme of things!

p.s:- Knowing how good a captain Warne is, is he feigning an injury in order to sit out ? Warne has quite clearly been their weakest foreign link as far as contributions with the ball go and this might be just what the Rajasthanis needed.


6 thoughts on “Taylor’s unprecedented IPL Pyrotechnics

  1. he gives away all those runs with the ball anyway. Kallis ideally speaking can’t be replaced at present but if Ryder’s to come into the team, then he better come in for Kallis than VD Merwe. Replace like with like!

  2. JH Kallis 4 1 18 2 4.50

    Yday’s match .. Royal Challengers vs Chennai super kings …

    Be careful when you mock legends 😛 … that he got out for a nought is a different issue … everyone cannot excel in eveything everytime 🙂 …

    But you just cant treat kallis the way you did 🙂

  3. if i ever mocked Kallis, it was just for some fun. I’ve been an ardent supporter of the proteas for the past decade and i know how great a player he is 🙂

    it’s just that he usually gives away a lot of runs while bowling in T20’s (just look at his bowling stats, economy around 9 and average around 90 before the last couple of matches)

    Moreover, i like watching VD Merwe in T20’s as opposed to Kallis (irrespective of their performance levels). Hence the statement

  4. Warne is the best bowler that is available for rajasthan royals.
    Rajasthan will be nothing without warne,it is because of him that they are able to bring out the team’s best performance in every crunchy matches.
    So,I dont think rajasthan will be happy without warne.

  5. Not that i like to pick on you ..
    Since we are anyway documenting kallis in IPL-2 here . thought i will add another comment 😀

    Banglore vs Delhi yday ..

    Kallis MoM ..
    4-0-17-1 … and 58*(56)


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