IPL 2 – Interesting Articles and Issues + Naughty Cesc

The reader, the viewer, the buff and the cynic would all do well to remember that the entire gamut of activity that comprises the IPL is in motion for one specific reason : profit above all else. Zinta’s and Shahrukh’s philanthropy is restricted to the screen, Mallya is a hard-nosed businessman masquerading as a billionaire hippy, Ambani is… well the shrewdest cast this side of the Atlantic, and Modi, God bless his monogrammed soul, is the cracker of the whip……..

So ultimately, Sachin is saddened and Chidambaram is adamant and the fans feel let down. The fact of the matter is that the IPL will take place in SA – a country dubbed the ‘most unsafe country not at war’- and no number of hankering fans or lobbying politicians can do anything about it. Hell, not even Sachin Tendulkar can do anything about it (and he can do pretty much everything else).

Like Rajasthan Royals co-owner Shilpa Shetty said: “What cannot be changed must be endured”. Maybe, Ms.Shetty was talking about one of her movies.

Written by Kunal Diwan for sportstar, not by me.

Naughty Cesc :-

Not long ago, Arsenal, at Old Trafford, playing Manchester United, in what would have been their 49th League match without defeat, controversially crashed. In no small measure thanks to the refereeing of Mr.Riley. He gave United a penalty- one of no fewer than eight he has awarded them at Old Trafford, and a highly dubious one, since Wayne Rooney seemed palpably to have died.

When the teams left the field, there was then an incident in the tunnel, involving Fabregas. Someone had the extreme effrontery to throw piazzas over the revered and saintly Alex Ferguson, and that someone is now belatedly reported to have been none other than the then teenaged Cesc Fabregas.

Written by Brian Glanville for sportstar.

Gavaskar Vs Buchanan Quotes:-

On Buchanan’s multiple captaincy theory Gavaskar wrote, “To comment on his multiple skipper theory is to give it the importance it doesn’t deserve but what does require comment is how he has got his Queensland pals lucrative jobs with KKR. They have a very big support staff which includes his son and most of them are from Queensland. The owners – poor souls – have little idea that they are being milked.”

He also added- Buchanan is a “failed former cricketer making a living telling international players to do what he couldn’t do”.

(Tch.. Tch.. personal attacks are a strict no-no Mr. Gavaskar, you shouldn’t hate a person for just being an Australian)

What did SRK have to say-

“I have spent lot of money on my team. If you have a problem then you buy your own team and run it the way you want”

” I respect Mr Gavaskar – his knowledge about cricket is a billion times better than me,but this is an era where Mr Gavaskar has not indulged in”


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