Watchmen- Movie Review


Do not watch the movie without reading the comic (sorry, graphic novel) beforehand. I say this to help make your experience a lot more enjoyable (if at all). At the end of the movie, there were groans and jeers and all the wrong sounds from the others, but I found it to be pretty decent. The second half was surely a let down, prior familiarity or not, but the narrative style overall, so faithful to the graphic novel, was good.

The movie (apparently) doesn’t appeal to a newbie and the director, it looks, didn’t have any intention to do so. The problem which the movie’s facing is, it has a lot of superheroes who speak, speak, speak narrate, narrate, narrate instead of fighting and blowing up shit and everything else likewise. The narratives while resplendent on paper can be a bit drab on screen, if heard for the first time, simply because grabbing stuff with ears ain’t as wholesome as grabbing with eyes while reading.

The characters speak a lot of sense and this might actually be a drawback since audience usually love to see high octane action or “rib tickling” humor no matter how improbale or cliched or improbably cliched.  The soundtrack’s actually quite opposite to what the movie feels like and is quite complementary in that sense.

In a nutshell, watch the movie iff you’ve read the novel. You won’t regret it much.

p.s:- The comic/graphic novel’s a 12 volume creation with each volume of around 30 pages. Shouldn’t take long and surely worth the time.

What others say:-

“It’s not that the movie is bad — it’s definitely not a bad film. The source material, however had the makings of a BRILLIANT film.”

“The biggest problem with “Watchmen” is at the screenplay level. The story, as adapted by David Hayter and Alex Tse, just plain isn’t told very well, and the introduction of both the characters and mythology are extremely difficult to follow for anyone not already intimately familiar with both.  The story is told in a bizarrely roundabout way, jumping back and forth through time, into and out of flashbacks, all the while alternating between too much expository dialogue and not enough.”


2 thoughts on “Watchmen- Movie Review

  1. definitely. i agree with you on most points. i think there is always inherent difficulty when translating a comic/graphic novel to the big screen. something has to give, whether it be narrative, visuals or character. i think watchmen is one of the few ones that makes a good balance.

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