Bring on Barcelona





After last night’s performance result, Liverpool must be feeling pretty confident to take on any team, at least in the Champions league. They might as well back themselves to eliminate the only non-English contender (with all due respect to Bayern and the other pretenders).

With yesterday’s win coming in the absence of both Gerrard and Torres, it would have been all the more sweet to the rest of the team (in a positive way), who are usually quite disrespectfully treated as just a supporting cast by the “pundits”. The other day, John Dykes and his boys were making fun of Liverpool’s squad by saying that Gerrard and Torres would be the only ones capable of making into the Manchester United team. (Too bad then huh, that they had to lose to the reserves after going a goal up)

What about the Carraghers, the Mascheranos and the you-know-whos of the team who usually work as hard and around whom Rafa plans his strategies. Are they any less important? If anything, they are the ones more important, at least as long as Rafa has a say. 

The one player who shouldn’t be considered at all, amidst all this, is Lucas Leiva. He, at the moment, is  some kind of a superhero with the power to send a shiver through any Liverpool fan. He has in this season managed to do some shit on par with John Arne Riise’s parting gift.

p.s:- There’s no denyng that when Gerrard and Torres play, they are the best attacking players on the pitch.

p.s 2:- Benayoun is way under-rated just as Slumdog is way over-rated (more on that later)

What others are saying:-

Xabio Alonso Slow to get into it but was then the most incisive midfielder on display. Almost scored from inside his own half  7

Javier Mascherano
 Well positioned, strong in the challenge, and tidy in possession. An intelligent performance 8


One thought on “Bring on Barcelona

  1. I have no idea how that brazilian fart lucas is even in the squad. He can’t get forward, can’t track back and can’t pass. Every time i see his name on the starting sheet my eyes roll back and i feel like switching off the tv. Another jackass is that Italian clown Dossena. And as far as players being able to get into the Man-ure lineup i think carragher, mascherano, gerrard and torres would easily make the starting line-up. The problem with Liverpool is with the rest of the squad. It’s pretty average and there is really no backup if one of these 4 goes out with injury. That said, you have got to admire the brilliant work rafa has done with such a squad to take it where it is.

    Liverpool Rocks!!!!!!!!

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