Sports talk for the week 9/2/09




The Proteas shoved my pathetically cynical prediction right up my butt and i thought it would be wrongful of me to not own up to it. In my defense, i never thought the Aussies had incompetence incorporated into them to this extent.

Ponting too didn’t help his team’s cause by opting to bat first, thrice in the first four matches. He should have known that the Proteas are slow to get off the blocks and are ever unsure of how to go about pacing an innings, especially batting first. This unsurity of theirs (the south africans) may well explain the high percentage of close contests they are involved in.

Anyway, with that series all dead and buried, it’s now time to cheer for the Kiwis led by the extermely impressive yet virtually unknown South African born, Grant Elliot and the supremely talented yet a bit withdrawn-in-the-series-so-far, Ross Taylor. Of course,  Dan is a man no less important than those two.

The Indian juggernaut, meanwhile,  just refuses to slow down. With each series that passes by, the closer they get to emulating the superiority of the Aussies at the beginning of this decade. RSA may be at the top of the rankings but everyone knows who’s the best and who’s going to stay as the best, at least until a certain man called Dhoni retires. 

Coming to football, Manchester United look all set to win the title yet again. Liverpool may have stayed in the hunt, points-wise with their extremely entertaining (after Xabi came on 🙂 ) yet not convincing win against Portsmouth, but they look set to end up with at least as many as 10 points separating them from the red devils. I personally think they won’t win the leaugue until Benitez goes or Ferguson goes.


4 thoughts on “Sports talk for the week 9/2/09

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    This sort of behaviour makes people write something just so they can write something
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    Makes sense? Yeah?

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