The Day The Earth Stood Still- Review




I had no expectations going in to this movie and not surprisingly it didn’t surprise me. There are spoilers in what follows, so turn away if you are one of those (adjective missing) fans. 

I kinda did my homework yesterday by watching the 1951 version and after watching this latest version, i am not sure as to who will dislike this movie more- the ones who watched the original or the ones who didn’t. The ones who watched the original might not like it since this movie’s simply not as simple and tidy as that,  but they may tolerate it better since they are familiar with the subject.

The main problem with this one, as i see it, is Klaatu(the alien) being easily convinced by the humans. He comes here to rescue the planet from the hands of the humans but in the end tamely heads back after believing in the notion that humans will mend their ways in the face of adversity. The movie disappoints the most by being a bit too kind on the humans.

Although this movie is not as bad as what these reviews suggest,

“Some unimpressive CGI and a bizarrely abrupt ending and you have the day your buttocks went to sleep, your brain melted and your will to live evaporated”

“How smart can it be to broadcast this into space? The real Klaatu could be out there monitoring us. A movie this bad could tip our fate scale in the negative direction”

it is not one to recommend. 

The best i could say about this movie is that it wasn’t boring, but then it could be that i wasn’t bored as a result of my liking the original!

Comparisons are bound to be drawn (as i and many others have) between the two movies but that would be completely unfair since the world we live in today is (unnecessarily) a lot more complicated, and the movies reflect just that. Had a movie as simple as the original been made today, it would have been appreciated by a few but would not have nearly made as much money as this one will. 

Simply put, you will not enjoy this movie and the degree of dislike will be determined by the familiarity with the original (which can work both sides BTW).


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