What’s shaking the world of Cricket




I came to know about the happenings in Mumbai through Cricinfo (of all sites) this morning. The headline read something like “Champions League matches to be moved to Bangalore”. Well, it was quite cert that it was just a matter of time before the event got postponed indefinitely considering the magnitude of the terror, and so it happened by afternoon.

“In your face ESPN, in your effin face, you champions leaue (cricket) crazy publicist”. The logo of the champions league, in case you didn’t watch, was displayed through out the course of the BPL matches over the past two week-ends. It was the most annoying thing on TV since the equally annoying pop up ads during the overs in IPL. I never understood why all that fuss over a tournament(champions league) which is yet to begin and that too in it’s inaugural season. The idiot was doing a countdown for god’s sake. Indians are sure crazy about cricket but what kind of sense does displaying a logo relating to a cricket tournament during the course of a football match, and thereby ruining the experience of the football fans, make? 

The poor guy i.e ESPN, even went as far as Neo cricket to air his ads. That must have cost him quite a fortune considering the amount of domination exercised by India over England and the resultant higher TRP’s. “All that you can do now is to lick your wounds and fire some dispensable emloyees you big loser”.

Speaking of India vs. England, England had a glorious opportunity to go down in history as the first team ever to go down 7-0 in a bilateral series but damn, the terrorists ruined it all.  

The reason you see the picture of AB de Villiers is that he got dismissed for a duck (for the first time ever in his test career) against the Bangladeshis today in a fashion described by a cricinfo commentator as

“Shakib Al Hasan to de Villiers, OUT, De Villiers goes down the track on his second ball and as if a replay from the first test he is stumped. Silly silly little boy. That was really very stupid from De Villiers”

p.s:- ESPN is still the best channel for viewing sports in India

FYI, the last sentence was removed as it was deemed offensive by some and the comments were removed as they were all related to the last sentence 😛


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