Know your Director!



“By calling it Zack and Miri Make a Porno, you’re drawing a line in the sand that kinda says, anyone who’s remotely interested in a movie like that with that title, come on in. If you’re offended by the word porno, stay the f*ck away. This ain’t for you”. That’s what Kevin Smith had to say about the title of his latest movie and that spirit of his, somewhat encapsulates and summarises most of the movies he makes.

Two days before today, the movies which i had watched of his were ‘Dogma’, ‘Jersey Girl’ and about an hour of ‘Chasing Amy’ (after which it was deleted). I felt that all of these were top contenders to be placed under the section “Movies that ain’t worth your time, no matter how devoid of activity your life is”. So i was quite surprised and slightly askew (pun intended) when Seth Rogen said that he was a big fan of Kevin Smith and his greatest achievement would be to star in one of Smith’s movies.

So, in order to understand the reasons behind his cult following i decided to go back to the basics and dig up his first movie “Clerks”. It was simply awesome and the very next day i watched “Clerks 2” and that too was awesome and the very next day which happens to be today i am writing this post, which if it had happened two days ago, you would have seen me ranting* instead of raving.

The trio of Jay, Silent Bob and the boom box have become my instant all time favorites and since i have know understood Smith, i plan to revisit Dogma and Chasing Amy (this one’s allegedly his best).

If you happen to be a novice when it comes to these kind of movies, i suggest you get started with Knocked Up and Superbad. If you realise then that you have the stomach for these kind of movies you can move on to Clerks.  

FYI:- All these movies thrive by making “vulgarity” look hilarious and these are strictly not for those who feel four letter words should be censored. I am the sort of guy who feels the word “fuck” is hilarious, not offensive. So be cautious when i suggest movies and you are the take offense kinda guy. Needless to mention, girls should pay no heed to such movies as they are bound to get offended, in a country like ours.

p.s1:- I am going to change my display picture so as to celebrate my personal discovery of “Jay and silent Bob”

p.s 2:- Silent Bob’s Kevin Smith BTW

p.s 3:- He’s the guy on the right


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