Quantum Of Solace (Review)



This movie is BAD. There’s simply no other way to describe it. A script which demands Bond to give up style, and Bond Girls with no oomph factor just don’t add up to decent entertainment .The movie just goes to show how much better Bourne is when it comes to the portrayal of action sequences.

“A cracking action film, but nothing more. The emotional power, intelligence and sheer stylishness of Casino Royale has been lost amidst the noisy blur of sub-Bourne action sequences”-> that’s what a kind critic from the UK had to say but i doubt if he was watching the same as i was (there’s no arguing it was sub-Bourne though).

The action scenes are deliberately shown in a chaotic fashion and that directorial decision turned out to be a costly faux pas.  Why spend all that money on stunts when you can’t capture them properly on the cam?

Daniel Craig as we all know oozes style in a rugged sort of way and that is all which is there to this movie. The Bond girl, Olga something plays a sun burnt or a fire burnt or some other burnt character and is a big letdown.

Watching any of the Bourne flicks at home is a much better alternative to watching Bond on the big screen. Bond may steer a plane like a car and wear designer suits like a czar but alas, he’s no action star.

I advice you to maintain a safe distance from this one. The poker scene from Casino Royale (which is quite a drab for non-poker players) is more entertaining than the whole of this movie.


5 thoughts on “Quantum Of Solace (Review)

  1. I haven’t even seen Casino Royale yet.
    The thought of Daniel Craig as James bond doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am preserving the image of Pierce Brosnan as bond and will not be watching any Bond movies till Daniel Craig is no longer the face of the franchise.

  2. Yes ! He is not a typical “BOND” , it’s something to do with his not taking shaken Vodka martini or not using Fancy gadgets that bordered more on Unrealistic domain than Scientific marvels or him using his fists more than the Uber cool Guns or him not bedding damsels in (dis)stress . SO WHAT ? Man the bond has evolved and so should you.It’s unfair to compare him to the earlier charismatic bondz 🙂 , for he has his own stand now … and if you go watch it with a mindset for some great action , performance and thrill , you gonna like it .

  3. @animesh:- I don’t care which bond turns up as long as the movie’s good. Please don’t say that you actually liked the movie

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