Letter to Timo Glock


Dear Glock,

You are a big schmuck. We all felt that Kubica was a schmuck when he squeezed in between Hamilton and Vettel even though he was a lap down but he more than redeemed himself by passing Hamilton and in the process allowing Vettel to overtake him(Lewis) but you had to ruin it all didn’t you. You just couldn’t stand the whole nation cheering for their favorite could you. The roar which went through the grandstands was audible halfway across the globe but you had to ruin it all didn’t you, you sadist. Had the poor stunned crowd regained their senses, you would have been deafened by their boos you damn championship stealer.

Who do you think you are man, going about on “faulty tires” and running over people’s hearts. The number of spirits you crushed and the number of faiths you destroyed in a single instant is incomprehensibly sickening and the fact that you dared to do that even though you had nothing to gain makes you a direct descendant of the devil himself.

You ruined it, I hope you cant sleep and you dream about it
And when you dream I hope you cant sleep and you scream about it
I hope your conscience eats at you and eternal damnation upon you

Having said all that, I do have to congratulate you man for making the impossible possible. No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined both the families celebrating at the same time at the end of the race, but you made it possible.

p.s-The next time you go sponsorship hunting, don’t forget to mention your achievement to ADIDAS. They might use you as their brand ambassador for their “Impossible is Nothing” campaign.

[Acknowledgement:- Stan]


10 thoughts on “Letter to Timo Glock

  1. Unbelievable stuff from Glock. You decided the winner, you can join mclaren in 2010 (may be they have already offered him )

    Lewis is behaving as if he has achieved this championship by doing a great driving on this track.

  2. The fact is if Glock had stopped for change of tyres he wouldn’t have been 5th in the last lap.

    May be thats why he didn’t stop and wanted to push his car and himself to the limits: to let Massa win. Hey he almost made it to the last corner didn’t he?

    I know its sad to see people like Raikkonen and Hamilton win F1 races. But what can we do?

  3. The fact is, if you see close enough, Timo glock couldn’t even keep the car on the racing line on a f*king straight.

    I agree that dry tires dont ave enough grip, but he wasn’t even cornering. Vettel and Hamilton passed him on a straight, where he was no where close to the racing line and didn’t even attempt to defend.
    I just don’t get it 😦

  4. Glock could have atleast tried to block them.

    @rohith you are right. If he had made a pit stop then Hamilton would have won comfortably. Only sad thing is, everything happened just before the finish line

  5. @rahul chill dude!!!

    What will Glock get if he let hamilton win? Humiliation. The fact that a younger driver is a champion now and he (Glock) didn’t win a race, is I say will be a total humiliation for him.

    Its just bad luck for Massa. 😦


    yeah thats precisely why I hate Glock now. He should have parked his car right on the racing line behind the view of on coming car into the corner and set a trap for hamilton to crash. 😀

  6. hi friend!

    I should go with what Rahul said! Just think of taking a pit stop when one of the fastest car is chasing you! That too on the final laps! Plus its first season and as far as i remember, first pressure situation, where he is on the losing end and fighting. Ferrari had their chance long back, before Massa ended up on sidelines when he was the number 2 driver, when a crazy pit stop accident(from the most experienced team in the circuit) had a penalty on Massa. Hamilton never had as many wins as Massa, as many Second places as Massa, but he managed to score! Plus he was the number one for the Team! Now you got na, why a team can’t run two champs! Just because they can’t concentrate on two men! Always, they have to make some adjustment for other.

    I wrote a lot, but in essence, i think we should to thank Glock for taking the race till the last corner! So, chill guys!

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