Liverpool’s league of luck

Liverpool once again simply refused to lie down and continued on their Mersyside merry ways astonishing their detractors and cynical fans alike. Rafa Benitez hasn’t exactly been a master strategist thus far but luck has been on his team’s side and that has cut him some slack, which was more often than not what he got for dinner the last season when his decisions to rest main players against the “minnows” resulted in crucial points being dropped.

The one thing which you should have learned by now is that there is no way that Xabi Alonso would be left behind whilst speaking about Liverpool. He has been the one responsible for the sending off of an opposition player for a third BPL week in a row i.e He’s been the victim of every red card clinching offence in Liverpool’s last three league matches. That’s a weird sort of a hat-trick but actually, that would be the only hat-trick he can hope to replicate in the future judging by his awry long range efforts. Anyway, he has been doing enough to starve off the threat of Mascherano and that in itself indicates he’s doing something right.

Coming to the other players, i personally would like to see Babel and Benayoun in action more often than say a Pennant or a Keane. Kuyt can play up front with Torres and Babel can slot in to his wide role. Keane without any doubt has been the most wasteful and a transfer back to Tottenham may be a win-win situation for all parties concerned. 

Moving on to some unusual sightings, there were two instances in the week end gone by when the ball hit the crossbar, goal posts three times in succession without actually going in. One instance resulted from Kieran Richardson’s free kick against Fulham and the other was from Fuller’s missed penalty followed up by Delap’s effort against a sorry Tottenham.

Here’s a joke which allegedly has been doing the rounds in English media:-

What’s the difference between Spurs and a Triangle?

A Triangle has Three Points 🙂


6 thoughts on “Liverpool’s league of luck

  1. Dude if it happens once or twice thn its luck …
    if happens quiet often n u still call it a luck ….. may u need a second opinion

  2. i meant luck not as in a fluke but as in “things getting easier for them” like a player being sent off, a lucky deflection, things like that

    i ain’t saying that that they are undeserving winners and luck plays a major role in their last ditch wins!!!

  3. Being one of Liverpool’s massive and non-cynical supporters I would like to believe ‘Fortune favors the brave’. They haven’t played a great game so far but still are joint leaders , so cannot really complain. I think Babel is a great talent but Rafa hardly gives him any starts. I sadly have to admit though that Chelsea are playing great football.

  4. I agree wid u …..i wud like to see benayoun playing instead of keane….. but i disagree that the reds win mostly on luck…..i think it’s their “Fighting Spirit” that gives them the best of the results… let’s hope to see the same spirit against atletico madrid in champions league too…

  5. I think Liverpool’s starting XI is pretty good and can give anybody a run for their money. The only problem with Liverpool is the full backs. That clown Dossena passes like a geriatric donkey and can’t cross a ball over an ant. Arbeloa is half decent. Pity with Skrtel coz he looked rock solid this season. Liverpool have always finished the last 3 months of the season pretty strong under Rafa. They have always got stuck either in August or at Christmas. If they can get past Christmas and still be in the title race, I fancy them to win it.

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