Fantasy Football Leagues



I’ve been fantastically unlucky thus far this season as far as fantasy leagues go. The moment i draft someone in, he stops scoring and the moment i let-go, he starts firing again. This chain of events has been the most recurring and thereby, completely summarises my struggling-to-get-off-the-ground-running season .  

The most recent occurence in relation to this chain happened this matchday. Going into the matchday, i made 6 changes to my team from the previous matchday (even though there wasn’t any wildcard) and incurred a penalty of 12 points (long term planning always kicks ass of the immediate future). The previous matchday i had Van Persie and Messi as my strikers. In fact, Kun Aguero was also present if not for a late change which saw me removing him. What happened was that Van Persie and Messi drew blanks where as Kun Aguero scored a brace.

The six changes made in between matchday1 and matchday2 saw me replacing both Van Persie and Messi with Kun Aguero and Rooney (first time ever that he’s been in any of my fantasy teams). On the first night Rooney scored a goal but Van Persie got himself a brace. So having got used to such reversals i expected Messi to score a brace the following night. What happened though was that Messi was left on the bench and Kun Aguero scored a goal pretty soon after the kick-off. However, as the night progressed things returned to the dreaded normal state as Messi came off the bench to score a brace (87′,94′) and Aguero had nothing more to offer.

Things haven’t been this unfortunate over on the Premier league side. I usually miss a goal through the changes i make but once again, predictions haven’t been all accurate forcing me to be content with guarding my #1 position on the “head-to- head” table.


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