South African Tragedy

Prediction:- England to beat South Africa 5 zip in the ODI series

How much more embarrassing can it get for a Protean* supporter ?  There’s no denying that they have slumped to many a humiliating defeat but then, i didn’t have a blog to record my thoughts back then 🙂

Ever since they won the 3rd Test to clinch the series they have looked completely disoriented and unmotivated (which makes these results even more harder to accept) . If you ask me, Pietersen’s ascendancy to captaincy couldn’t have been timed any better.

Ab de Villiers should seriously reconsider the way he’s going about his batting. He was much better as an error prone, headless dasher as opposed to the present day tentative, leave-the-ball-outside-offstump batsman. The averages might have improved but that’s not what some of us have come to like him for. Watching him struggle to maintain a decent strike rate in this series was really extremely disappointing.

There of course is the wretched quota system(which requires at least 6 coloured players in a squad of 15) to blame for the team’s misfortunes . The consequence :-Players like JP Duminy, Vernon Philander come in to the national team where as promising “whites” such as Pietersen, Rudolph etc. go Kolpak hunting.

p.s :-Sorry for the incoherent ramblings. What more could you expect from a disgruntled supporter ?


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