Movie Mania (yeah right, it’s the same title)

Not even Pineapple Express could knock over the irrepressible TDK from the top (it all comes back to TDK, doesn’t it? i am so sick and tired from mentioning it again and again that i swear i won’t do it again). So leaving behind all the fabulous things that movie’s been doing let’s move on to others who are doing fabulous in their own ways.

To begin with there’s Brad Pitt. He not only stars in the upcoming Coen brothers flick but has also signed up with Tarantino for “Inglorious Bastards”. “Burn after Reading” looks very promising considering it feels a lot like “The Big Lebowski” and ” Being John Malkovich”. Right now, i don’t think there’s anything more cooler in Hollywood than being a “Bastard” and that too a Tarantino one.

Changing tracks and moving on to cricket and AB de Villiers. (For the unknowledgable people who tagged along with the movies tag in wordpress, cricket is a “lazy” game predominantly played in the Asian sub continent but allegedly originally invented by the lousy Britishers)

To spill out the facts, AB was the leading scorer for the Proteas in their series winning venture on English soil with an aggregate of 384 runs. He has become more consistent but in the process has become more circumspect and currnetly looks more suited to a test match rather than to a T20 match, the scene was quite the opposite when he burst on to the international scene. He still has that record for not being dismissed for a duck in a test going on (77 innings currently). 

Movies you should be looking forward to watch (in the next week):-

1) Pineapple Express * Seth Rogen and comes from the factory of Judd Apatow (Knocked up, Superbad, his latest offering ->Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasn’t exactly gr8 but no one remembers bad movies)

2) Tropic Thunder * Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. (whose portrayal of a black sergeant is being compared to you-know-who)

3) Vicky Cristina Barcelona * Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and directed by Woody Allen (whose movies are all worth a first watch even though all of them might not be good)


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