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I was on my way to updating my other blog when i accidentally stumbled upon a blog(in my college’s blogroll) discussing the best movies of all time  and looking at the discussions going on over there i guess that people are still dazed and confused having been caught up in the midst of the darkness of Batman’s latest jaw dropping venture.

As of now, Shawshank Redemption has leaped over Godfather into the second place on the IMDB top 250 list and there would be no prizes for guessing how much of that is due to “The Dark Knight”. It’s true that this rating ain’t exactly the holy yardstick against which movies are measured up against but it does give a general opinion.

[I will be frank in admitting that i was so sucked up by TDK’s aura that i ended up watching it in IMAX not once but twice over the opening weekend. After watching the movie on the opening day, my longing to watch it for the 2nd time was stronger than ever before and i ended up watching it again on Sunday. That’s how good the movie is but…… ]

The presence of TDK at the top hasn’t gone down well with all the “connoisseurs” mainly because of their stubborn refusal to accept a comic film as the best of all time (How to do i know that?, i just do, no more questions)……. I too wouldn’t place it on the top of my favorite movies list, what the heck it’s position in the top 10 itself would be doubtable in my case mainly because 

1) It’s a superhero movie.  

2) It’s an out and out SERIOUS crime/gangster flick 

3) It isn’t directed by Quentin Tarantino

4) Matt Damon doesn’t star in it

I admit that the last two reasons are dumb and are in fact, there just to make up the numbers 🙂 LOL

The two movies which would make that list though would be “Pulp Fiction” and “The Big Lebowski”. They aren’t mainstream commercially viable movies but they are pure fun (I don’t know why but i like those kind of movies where the characters go about mulling over insignificant details among varios other such foolish errands).

Now i don’t even know what this post is all about. Is it about

1) Defending the position of “The Dark Knight” or

2) Propaganding the movies and stars i like or

3) I don’t think i’ve done any other thing in the post, so it must be either 1 or 2. 

Anyway, i had predicted that TDK would cross the $400mn mark but what a bummer that prediction has turned out to be. The movie breached the $300mn mark in just 10 days and stood at $394mn towards the end of last week. Some analysts are even saying that it has a chance of crossing Titanic’s $600mn (+change) if the movie were to be re-released around Christmas. Even though I would so love to watch Titanic’s record go down, i wouldn’t bet on it.


6 thoughts on “Movie Mania

  1. Just because it’s a superhero movie doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the top 10. No other comic character has such a psychological depth when compared to Batman. Rating the movie is a personal thing anyway. I didn’t like ‘Shawshank Redemption’ for instance. I felt it was too boring. It all depends on what you want to see in a movie. But I feel you shouldn’t be comparing two movies with two different genres. And you should definitely not rate movies relatively. Each one is special in it’s own way

  2. dood, i said that it was my personal list and you seem to have got that after you made the point.

    if i do like u say and not compare two genres then that would mean that i would be walking a safe path and walking along that route can be boring not only for me but also for those who read. I completely agree that it’s not fair and also each movie is special in it’s own way but once we begin to follow all such “rules” (for lack of a better word) there will be just too many of them and we will have no fingers left to point out the mistakes.

    well man, i’m not a big fan of Shawshank either. It would as a matter of fact be o.k if you went on to say that it was the crapiest movie ever made coz that would be your own opinion and evryone is entitled to have one.
    A lot of ppl mite disagree with you but that wouldn’t make them right and you wrong. But sadly we rarely voice our opinion agnst popular notions coz frankness is something which is not highly recommended in our lives. we only lead lives so as to please our higher authorities be it teachers, boss or even parents

    i was just trying to do a Brad Pitt in fight club man, attacking the established notions and all. Nothing personal

  3. Dark Knight was (is) a great movie no doubt , but I guess personal preferences are well personal so the constant argument over which is the better film will never end.
    I would love to see Titanic’s record sink because I never really liked that movie.

    By the way Matt Damon was apparently approached to play Dent’s role in TDK.

  4. The Dark Knight is good. Really good. Not Number 1 good.
    And it is not my “stubborn refusal to accept a comic film as the best of all time”.
    Dood, I live and breathe comics and cartoons.

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