How the Joker stole the Caped Crusader’s Carnival

“The Dark Knight” is not just another blockbuster. It is a blockbuster which has the innate ability to bust the asses of all other blockbusters. The hype preceding this movie has been unprecedented and surprisingly, all of that seems well conceived and justified once you sit down and watch the movie unfold on the big screen.

The movie never lets up and constantly thunders through the darkness (which is arguably the darkest ever depicted by a successful commercial movie and unarguably by a comic book movie). It is no surprise then that the Batman himself comes up playing the second fiddle. The Joker is pure fun and unquestionably the greatest asset of the movie. It does appear that the director himself having realised the Joker’s abilities decided to focus more on him than on Batman.

There is a great possibility of the movie not being appreciated to the fullest on accounts of the non-understanding of the larger picture painted by the Joker’s schemes. Typical Indian audience will find the joker’s motives a bit hard to comprehend because of the way in which our desi movies are made. Morals are not what we concentrate upon in our movies, so it would come as no surprise to me if half of you come back and ask me as to what the fuss was all that about. i could go on and on on the deficiencies of the Indian cinema but this ain’t the moment. This moment is to celebrate the arrival of a movie which has the tires as thick and durable as those of the bat-mobile to go all the way to the $400M mark. (There have been some shitty movies which have reached that mark but the best thing about this, is that this ain’t shit man.)

The Joker (during the course of his magnificent ride) says that the Batman makes him complete but the way the movie churns out, it is the Joker who completes the Batman (movie).

You may not get to see a better movie (In Imax print) for a long time, so don’t let the opportunity slip by. Well the movie’s quite lengthy too (150 mins), so maybe that will come as an added bonus šŸ™‚

p.s:- I watched “Wanted” for a second time (instead of watching Hancock for the first time) and it was quite a bore.

p.s 2:- By Indian movies i referred only to mainstream Hindi and Telugu movies.

p.s 3:- I was afraid that some of you might point out that Bengali movies have plenty to offer but then who cares about them huh.

p.s 4:- Well, don’t let my review (which might come across as hype bitten, reviews smitten) to spoil the experience that is in store, if only you spend a couple of hundred bills.

p.s 5:- The movie is so serious that the Joker might not enjoy it. Having said that, i do wish that he was alive to watch himself in action.

R.I.P Heath Ledger, you Rock(ed) man.


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